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Using Seattle on the Nokia N800

Explains how to install Seattle as well as running the unit tests on the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet.

Tools Required

In order to run Seattle and its unit tests, you will need two things: Python and root access to the system in the tablet. Python or utilities that will allow you root access can be obtained from the Application Manager.

  1. In the top menu, go to Tools -> Application Catalog.
  2. Select the "maemo extras" entry and Edit.
  3. Uncheck the "disabled" box.
  4. Refresh the installable package list, and packages that are required should now show up.


For Python, you will need to install the "maemo-python-env" package.

Root access

This is only required for the installation of Seattle. In particular, root access is required to configure Seattle to run on startup. There are several ways to obtain the root shell access. This article will describe two easy ways by which root shell access can be obtained.


Find and install the "rootsh" package. The root shell package allows the user to gain root access through a simple command: "sudo gainroot" or simply "root".


Find and install "openssh" package. During installation the first time, you will be prompted for a new password. Enter your password of choice and remember it for later. Root shell access can be obtained using "ssh root@localhost". You will be prompted for the password you entered during installation.


You will need the "subversion" package in order to check out the repository to run unit tests.

Setting up Seattle

Download Seattle tarball here. Next, extract the tarball, and navigate to the Seattle directory. You will need root access to configure Seattle to startup properly. See above on how to gain root access.
To install, run ./ Seattle will be automatically started. To check that it is running, run the command

ps -f | grep | grep -v grep

To stop Seattle, run ./ Run ./ to restart it.
To uninstall Seattle. Run ./ You will again need root access.

Running Seattle Unit Tests

To run unit tests, you will need to install the "subversion" package and  check out the repository anonymously.
Next, follow the instructions on "Running the Repy VM tests"  here.

You may also try the  Node Manager tests and  Software Updater tests. However, these tests will take an extremely long time to run (up to a day) and it is likely that the tablet will need to be connected to the power supply during the tests.