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Porting Guide

Porting existing code into REPY.

Removing imports

Since importing is not permitted in REPY it will be necessary to eventually remove any import statements and use an include statement instead. Since for large files this may be difficult to attempt all at once, it can be approached in several stages.

Stage 1

Given a simple example:

from foo import *


Or the more specific import:

from foo import squid


The specified names from foo will be imported (except for those starting with an underscore when using import *). The first stage in transitioning to using an include statement will consist of importing the module name into the importing module's symbol table.

import foo


Now we use the module name to access the desired functions.

Stage 2

To complete our transition, we will include the module instead of importing it. The Import statements guide has more information on the functionality of the includes feature. To avoid collisions in the name space, an appropriate naming convention will be needed since the contents of the foo module will be inlined into the module using the include statement.

include foo.repy


In this example we have used foo and an underscore as a convention to help avoid a collision.