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  • Working on a talk for a non-technical audience.


  • Working on design section of honors thesis.


  • The bug he identified in pycrypto has been fixed upstream now (in pycrypto itself), using a similar fix to the one we use.


  • (Didn't take notes on what he himself did, it seems.)


  • Closed a few tickets.
  • Worked on hunting down opendht problem.
  • Working on getting the installers to have the started processes detach from the shell.


  • Working on http callback function. Should finish client/server stuff this week.
  • Plan to start working on ViewPoints? soon.


  • Started elaborating on the BACKS API, should have a rough draft that more clearly defines the API functions soon. (The documentation of the API, not code, that is.)


  • Looked at hardware problem with testbed-mac, lab is currently looking at it.
  • Installed trac on blackbox to do a test run on upgrade of main trac. Haven't gotten it fully working there yet.


  • Added additional debugging info to nat forwarders.
  • NAT forwarders currently can't run on 0.1n due to a fixed in svn namespace bug. We're going to push a beta 0.1o release to the beta testbed so the nat forwarders can run there.