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  • New students have been interviewed. Waiting until after they complete starting assignments before taking next steps with them.
  • Seattle is being used in a classroom at the moment. (Possibly at Lewis and Clark? The note taker missed this.)
  • Looks like some people in Nokia Research are going to get Seattle working on Nokia n900.
  • Talking with NativeClient folks.
  • We're working on getting things ready to push a release.


  • Containment:
    • Fixed bugs with url configuration.
    • Added some optimizations for way address info is stored in packets to decrease traffic usage.
    • Starting on paper for thesis.


  • Worked on a 64-bit bug.
  • Working on thesis project (adding support for multiple namespaces).


  • Classes keeping busy.


  • Working on QA for next push.


  • Continued work on installers.
  • Still more issues with the installers:
    • Windows GUI (low priority).
    • Ability to install on separate account.


  • Working on testing.


  • On UW machines, both the softwareupdater and nodemanager occasionally go down.


  • NAT traversal troubleshooting. Will be rewriting parts to be simpler, taking multiplexing communication out of the core implementation.
  • Will be working on new experiment/service manager.


  • Read a few papers and started looking at nanny.
  • Looking at resource allocation and management. Ultimately will implement a system for resource allocation.