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  • 143 tickets open.
  • Things we need to focus on:
    • What we need to grow an order of magnitude in install base.
      • Monitoring.
      • Better windows support.
    • Think about Repy 2.0, new API.
  • What some people will focus on:
    • Justin and Eric will be working on service deployment tools.
    • Armon: resource isolation/protection domains.
      • We'll end up with also the equivalent of import.
    • Jenn: working on aspects related to new resource allocation
    • Jason/Yafete: building an application called ViewPoints? that allows someone to see how clients around the world see a web page differently.
  • We will likely be bringing in new undergrads on the project in the next week.


  • Troubleshooting NAT forwarding in production.
  • Will be working on new experiment manager/service deployment system system after NAT stuff is under control.


  • Reading up on Paxos.


  • Launched new seattlegeni to production testbed.


  • Working on getting containment system debugged and deployment system setup for it.


  • Working on getting more PL nodes on beta testbed.


  • Working on socket changes needed for socket timeout.
  • Working on getting Apache 2.2 to use the repy API for communication.


  • Figuring out issues with Windows. Some tests fail on Windows on some systems (at least on windows testbed).