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  • Paper submitted.
  • Will be giving multiple talks starting this weekend. We need to be sure to keep things very stable.
  • Various things are broken that should have been caught before by people running the tests.


  • Working on making containment system scale.


  • Ticket questions for the people at the meeting:
    • #300: do we want to indicate on the myvessels page when the node an acquired vessel is on has become inactive/unreachable by us?
    • #450: keygen daemon, do we need it or can the ticket be closed until it's clear that it's needed?


  • Working on installer creator. Mostly testing on different browsers. Works with E6+, Firefox 1.5+, almost working on Chrome.
  • Implemented caching of created installers.


  • Working on NAT forwarder advertising stuff.
    • On a lot of nodes it wasn't running ("safe exception problems").


  • Not very available this week.