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  • About to switch paper emphasis.
  • We will likely be changing meeting times.


  • Finished internship so back now and will be largely working on thesis work. Mostly controlled node communication in Seattle (containment).
  • Last quarter here.


  • Working on paper. Switching back to implementing code related to the paper.


  • Writing another autograder test case for all-pairs-ping.
  • Documentation not on a website yet.


  • Working on getting numbers for paper. Working on gcov with Java at the moment.
  • Only part not figured out is how to gather numbers for applets.


  • Working on getting numbers for paper. Right now trying build python with static linking.


  • Working on debugging the problem with nodes stopping announcing.
  • Suspecting problem in node manager's advertise thread.


  • Continued pass through paper.
  • A bit more looking into memory leaks in node state transition scripts. There appears to be two issues (so, one unknown one in addition to the timeoutsocket opendht problems).