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  • Tickets:
    • 8 opened (one opened twice)
    • 3 closed (one closed twice)
  • Worked on two different papers this week.
  • Beginning of the quarter coming up. People should keep an eye out for students who might be interested in joining our project, especially for developing using our platform.


  • Working on gathering numbers for the paper (code coverage for python and repy with unit tests).


  • Also working on gathering numbers for the paper.


  • Working on installer creator. The html side is done (will give demo at end of meeting).
  • Justin asks: please look through existing seattlegeni, especially display-related ones, and see which ones apply to the new seattlegeni and fix them.


  • Working on the outstanding socket problem. Send hangs if socket is closed from another thread.
  • Working on a solution based on using select but may have bugs.
  • Reset 6 of the nodes that have nmmain running but not advertising, result is that 3 nodes are now advertising and 3 are still not.
  • Justin asks: please look through existing seattlegeni tickets and close ones that don't exist in the current seattlegeni or comment if they are still issues.


  • Made a light pass through the paper, mostly getting it to the point where it seems like it intends to be a paper, even if how I left it isn't very different in text content.
  • Namespace layer is closer. Just working through a last few repy tests that are failing (some are bugs in the tests, others are assuming functionality that we never explicitly support and which is now unsupported).
  • Narrowed down memory leak issues in seattlegeni node state transition scripts. It appears to be ultimately caused by the known socket issues which result in sockets and threads staying open and adding up.


  • Finished testing autograder.
  • Haven't yet written tests for a p2p type application/assignment yet.