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Documentation Style Guidelines

This document described how to edit wiki pages so that they have a uniform look and feel. This is especially important for longer pages.

Article structure and contents

  • Begin the page with a heading, enclosed with: = =
  • The immediate next paragraph of the document should contain a purpose summary for the document
  • Immediately following the purpose summary, insert the following snippet:
  • All section titles in the rest of the document must use nested heading tags: == ==, === ===, and so on.
  • Each section title must be preceded by a line break [[BR]] and immediately followed by a horizontal line ----. Here's an example:
    == Sending pings between a group of computers ==
  • Python/Repy code and Seash terminal interaction examples must be enclosed with: {{{#!python }}} or {{{#!repy }}}. Here's an example:
    print "hello world"
  • For adding HTML code the #!html directive should be used

  • For CSS code, use the #!C directive

To prevent broken links due to renamed articles, all links to other articles within the wiki should be made explicitly by using the "wiki:" prefix.

For example, do:

...use one of these...

[wiki:ProgrammersPage Programmer Portal]

Do not do

[BadName This is a bad example]

Because the name of an article may change unexpectedly, the wiki: style is preferred.