Please note that these Trac pages are no longer being updated. Wiki contents/documentation have moved to GitHub.


There are three types of accounts that all developers need. In addition, all developers should be on the seattle-devel mailing list.

Send an email to Justin to have your account created.


For SVN access you will be granted a Unix account on You must change your password to something else after your temporary password is emailed to you. This machine hosts the Wiki and the SVN repository. Use it for Seattle development.


Once you are granted Wiki access, you can use the Trac software to change your password. Simply login, then go to the Preferences tab, and select the Account tab.

Testbed machines

An account will also be created on all of the testbed machines for you. You can look at the list of Seattle development machines for the list of testbed systems you should use to validate your code.

Subscribe to the Mailing List

Our mailing list is seattle-devel "at"