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Building Seattle On Android

This document describes how do build the APK file for Seattle on Android. This package contains the UI for Seattle that is used by the Android users. However, the core Seattle code (i.e. the Python bits) are downloaded at install time.

Getting the SDK

To build the APK file, you must first download the Android SDK. It is recommended you install every version of Android > 2.1 (API > 7) because Seattle runs on all of these platforms.

To do the installation, download and unzip the file. On some platforms, you then need to run tools/android to do the actual installation and download.

Getting the APK source

The APK source for Seattle On Android is located in SVN under trunk/dist/android/SeattleOnAndroid. You will need to create a file in this directory which refers to your SDK install location. The contents of this file will look like this:


Do not use '~' characters as ant does not seem to support them well

Building the APK

At this point, you should be able to build the APK by running ant release from the trunk/dist/android/SeattleOnAndroid directory.