Please note that these Trac pages are no longer being updated. Wiki contents/documentation have moved to GitHub.

The demokit packages up a set of tools for Seattle users that allow you to

  • Access VMs on remote machines, for example such assigned to you by the  Seattle Clearinghouse
  • Run RepyV2 code on your local machine, using a supplied restrictions file, and thusly
  • Develop and debug Repy programs locally.

Building the Demokit

Building the demokit is as simple as

  • Cloning the  demokit repo on GitHub,
  • Running scripts/ inside of it, and lastly
  • Creating an empty target directory, and lastly
  • Changing directory into scripts/dist in order to run python with the full path to the target dir as an argument.

See the wiki:BuildInstructions for details about using Seattle's build scripts.

Note for developers: The current demokit build scripts do not yet

  • Copy over seash modules to the target directory, nor
  • Create a tarball out of the target dir. Neither will it
  • Supply a copy of demo apps to run (as these are currently being ported to RepyV2).