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Beta Clearing House

The Beta Clearing House is the machine that holds the beta version of our public clearing house as well as a small beta network where a handful of Seattle nodes are deployed for beta testing. Everything that is pushed on to the production must first be deployed on the Beta Clearing House and tested for bugs and discrepancies before we can safely push it to the production clearinghouse or the production nodes.

Machine Host Name:

Services on Betabox


The beta clearinghouse is a collection of nodes that runs on the beta testbed. The beta version may have bugs in them as this is where the developers test out all the latest features of the product. The clearinghouse consists of the main front end webserver which allows users to register or login to their public testbed account in order to donate or acquire nodes in order to run their experiment.
The service is run under the user: geni
Instructions on how to deploy a new clearinghouse can be found at this page: SeattleGeniInstallation

Custominstaller Builder

Central Advertise Server V2

Installer Builder/Software Updater Server