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09:37 Ticket #1207 ([Newcomer] Librepysocket needs to be well tested.) created by monzum
We need to test librepysocket thoroughly and ensure that all the functions …
09:34 Ticket #1206 ([Newcomer] Port sockettimeout.repy over to Repy V2) created by monzum
The library file sockettimeout.repy needs to be ported to Repy V2.
09:30 Ticket #1205 ([Newcomer] Balance load between NAT forwarders) created by monzum
We need a method for balancing the load on the NAT forwarders. We don't …
09:29 Ticket #1204 ([Newcomer] Write a library that discovers if a node is behind a NAT) created by monzum
We need to write a library that discovers whether a node is behind a NAT. …
09:27 Ticket #1203 ([Newcomer] Find ideal number of clients and servers that each NAT ...) created by monzum
Some experiments need to be run in order to figure out what the ideal …
09:25 Ticket #1202 ([Newcomer] Deploy NAT Forwarders on 5-10 nodes.) created by monzum
We need to deploy NAT forwarders on several nodes so nodes behind NAT can …
08:31 Ticket #1201 (Python installation sometimes fails on Android) created by justinc
Lucas Dias reports that the installation of Seattle (on a Samsung Galaxy …
08:29 Ticket #1200 (Benchmark fails on Android...) created by justinc
Lucas Dias reports that his Galaxy S3 phone fails during benchmark. He …
08:25 Ticket #1199 (Seattle on Android crash...) created by justinc
An android user reports (via crash report): […] We need to dig into …


20:11 Ticket #1198 ([Newcomer] View Resources filtering) created by leonwlaw
The current view resources command prints out the entire contents of …
20:05 Ticket #1197 ([Newcomer] Tab complete for private/public key loading in seash) created by leonwlaw
Public/private key loading in seash can get tedious when usernames are …
07:29 Ticket #1196 (Max number of files per directory varies across file systems) created by albert
Depending on the underlying file system, there is a limit on the maximum …


10:40 Changeset [6428] by monzum
Changed README file.
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05:48 Ticket #1195 (Seattle start check fails on OpenWRT (Busybox ps)) created by lukasp
The script checks if seattle was correctly started …
05:28 Ticket #1194 (Crontab '@reboot' to start Seattle does not work for all crond (e.g. ...) created by lukasp
The (linux) seattle installer creates a crontab entry @reboot to …
04:01 Ticket #1193 (Custom Installer Builder has no Android download) created by albert
The Seattle Custom Installer Builder should provide a customized Android …
01:58 Ticket #1192 (Zenodotus should support (and respect) SRV records) created by albert
SRV Resource Records are a standardized way of discovering services …


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15:57 Ticket #1191 ([Newcomer] Seash Scripts) created by leonwlaw
It would be useful to have the ability to run pre-existing seash scripts. …
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16:04 Changeset [6427] by gpress
updated URL references to new locations
15:23 Changeset [6426] by monzum
Updated the url in the softwareupdater and nodemanager version.


12:17 Ticket #1190 (zenodotus using old host name...) closed by leonwlaw
fixed: The relevant urls have been updated to the poly locations. These changes …
10:48 Changeset [6425] by monzum
Updated geoip_client to point to our new geoip servers.
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14:04 Ticket #1190 (zenodotus using old host name...) created by justinc
The zenodotus service responds to requests for its hostname with its IP. …


08:34 Ticket #1189 (type(type(0)) allows access to type call) closed by justinc
fixed: Fixed in r6424.
08:34 Changeset [6424] by justinc
Fix for #1189.
08:27 Ticket #1189 (type(type(0)) allows access to type call) created by justinc
Robert Grosse reports that calling type(type(0)) provides access to the …


15:14 Ticket #1188 (Integration Tests should be reorganized) created by leonwlaw
The current integration tests are structured in such a way that every …


12:20 Ticket #1187 (make affiliation and email field optional during registration) created by gpress
These fields are not needed and many users fill them with garbage values …


16:27 Ticket #1186 (Update old references to to created by leonwlaw
Trunk contains many referenes to Many of them …
15:19 Ticket #1185 (Optimize log rotation on Clearinghouse) created by leonwlaw
As of right now, the log is rotated on a weekly basis. As a result, if we …


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07:45 Changeset [6409] by monzum
Adding #!python tag on all our AFFIX files for python syntax/readability.
07:44 Changeset [6408] by monzum
Rolling back some changes that were made a while ago to fix few bugs that …


17:48 Changeset [6406] by monzum
Fixed a bug with legacystring in nmmain.
17:12 Changeset [6405] by monzum
Minor bug fixes in legacyshim
16:49 Changeset [6404] by monzum
Disabling coordination shim for the moment.
16:16 Ticket #1184 (Create script to monitor Blackbox) created by gpress
We need to create a monitoring script for Blackbox which sends an email to …


18:54 Changeset [6403] by monzum
Made some changes to repyportability that fixes an issue with import. …
15:36 Changeset [6402] by monzum
Small bug fix in
15:23 Changeset [6401] by monzum
Making session.repy blocking for repyV2
12:03 Changeset [6400] by monzum
Enabling udp advertise service.
12:02 Ticket #1183 (Cannot bind to local ip error.) created by monzum
This particular error has been showing up a lot and is a little troubling: …
11:58 Ticket #1182 (Thread.is_alive() is a new in Python 2.6 and should not be used since we ...) created by monzum
The call Thread.is_alive() is new in Python 2.6 it seems, and we should …
11:50 Changeset [6399] by monzum
Fixed a bug related to thread and older python version. The method …
11:19 Changeset [6398] by monzum
Updated session.repy and decreased waittime on


21:01 Changeset [6396] by monzum
Updating the advertise service.
20:57 Ticket #1171 (API key on profile page difficult to copy due to javascript) closed by gpress
fixed: fixed in r6395
20:56 Changeset [6395] by gpress
ticket 1171, modified js so api key on profile page is easier to copy
17:14 Ticket #1179 (clearinghouse admin page has too many redirects...) closed by gpress
fixed: I made the proper changes to the Apache file. This change should be …
16:05 Ticket #1181 (Complete Blackbox Migration) created by gpress
Blackbox has successfully been migrated over to We …
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