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17:37 EducationalAssignments/LinkState edited by savvas
not geni anymore… (diff)
17:06 EducationalAssignments/LinkState edited by savvas
11:34 RepyV2API edited by savvas
11:33 RepyV2API edited by savvas
fixed a few spelling errors (diff)


17:52 Changeset [6271] by nitin
chmod's and open's mode check is fixed, The check will now include type of …
17:47 Changeset [6270] by nitin
Will print a warning if another instance of lind_fuse is launched
17:42 Changeset [6269] by nitin
load_fs_special_files() will only be called once from load_fs(), removed …
14:55 Changeset [6268] by cmatthew
I broke non-protable when I added cProfile support. This commit backs out …
13:04 SeattleShell edited by leonwlaw
13:03 SeattleShellBackend edited by leonwlaw
Name changed from seash to SeattleShellBackend (diff)
13:03 SeattleShellBackend edited by leonwlaw
12:10 Ticket #1078 (Android version 4 auto startup changes) closed by gpress
fixed: Fixed in r6267, big thank you to Anthony Prieur for his help.
12:07 Changeset [6267] by gpress
addresses ticket 1078, fixing android autostart functionality. Also …


22:11 Changeset [6266] by sportzer
Made NAT forwarder more robust.
15:25 Changeset [6263] by ffund
made shim_dumb_server a little smarter


17:13 Changeset [6260] by cmatthew
Change print statements to using warning, and then only print when silent …
16:46 SeattleLib/ edited by leonwlaw
Made bundler arguments more typo-friendly (diff)


19:02 Changeset [6259] by leonwlaw
Support for module-specific tab complete.
18:51 Changeset [6258] by leonwlaw
Fixes for unit tests help_dynamic_test_results.txt was not updated in …
17:35 Changeset [6257] by leonwlaw
Adds modulename detail to error that is printed to the user when importing …
16:07 Changeset [6256] by leonwlaw
Removed unit test because test is confusing and extremely low level
16:03 Changeset [6255] by leonwlaw
Extracted module manipulation commands into their own module.


20:00 Changeset [6254] by leonwlaw
Seash unit test for re-enabling modules from last session. Makes sure that …
19:58 Changeset [6253] by leonwlaw
Moved the call for re-enabling seash modules from seash dictionary to only …


14:36 Ticket #1034 (variables in seash) closed by leonwlaw
fixed: Support for variables is now live with r6251! A brief summary of how to …
14:34 Changeset [6251] by leonwlaw
Support for user defined variables in seash. (#1034)


14:40 Ticket #1158 (redundant jquery script loading) created by gpress
We both host jquery locally and load it through google. This is redundant …


01:36 Ticket #1157 ([New comer] ntp_time is broken) created by sportzer
The translation of ntp_time from repy v1 to repy v2 for the repy v2 node …
01:16 Ticket #1156 (repy v2 node manager API calls fail) created by sportzer
Creating a fresh copy of the repy v2 node manager from the …


10:35 Changeset [6248] by justinc
added a tool / module for manipulating a Lind FS. (Fix for github ticket …
10:31 Changeset [6247] by justinc
Fix for github ticket #63.
10:30 Changeset [6246] by justinc
fix for github issue #64


21:47 Ticket #1155 (RateLimitShim can cause data to be sent twice or lost) closed by sportzer
fixed: Fixed in r6245.
21:45 Changeset [6245] by sportzer
Fixes #1155 by modifying how RateLimitShim? does resource accounting.
21:14 Ticket #1155 (RateLimitShim can cause data to be sent twice or lost) created by sportzer
RateLimitShim.consume_resource will raise SocketWouldBlockError if you …
13:58 SeattleShellBackend edited by leonwlaw
Added details about the input preprocessor + general housekeeping (diff)


19:12 Changeset [6244] by leonwlaw
Fix for invalid commands starting with 'help' getting past the command …


16:37 Ticket #1154 (which Files (in seattleLib) need to be updated for node manager to be ...) created by varungarg
librepysocket.repy:def waitforconn(localport, func, localip=None, …


14:10 Ticket #1086 (Seash should allow plug-in modules...) closed by leonwlaw
fixed: The module system is now live with r6242! Closing.
14:08 Changeset [6242] by leonwlaw
Module system for seash, with the geoip module extracted to its own …
12:27 Ticket #1153 (Seash unit tests sometimes fail because the nodemanager isn't ready) closed by leonwlaw
fixed: Fixed with r6241. I added a pre-test script that makes sure that the …
12:26 Changeset [6241] by leonwlaw
Seash unit tests wait for the nodemanager to be ready before proceeding. …
12:25 Ticket #1153 (Seash unit tests sometimes fail because the nodemanager isn't ready) created by leonwlaw
Specifically, the unit test will fail because …
10:32 Ticket #977 (random.repy incompatible with repy v2) closed by justinc
fixed: Alex fixed this in r4361.
10:26 Ticket #1105 (Report Bugs in Lind) closed by justinc
wontfix: Obsolete ticket.


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Try Repy! web frontened


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08:22 TryRepy created by lukasp


18:40 UsingSensors edited by yanyan
18:39 UsingSensors edited by yanyan
07:37 Ticket #1152 (Registration page should include some OpenID indications...) created by justinc
We should make it clear that people will be able to log in with their …
07:33 Blog: Send us a pic of your Seattle node! created by justinc


10:39 RepyV2API edited by justinc
10:38 Changeset [6240] by justinc
comment change for lowercase only file names


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