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08:40 Ticket #1151 (Preparetest is broken with Python 2.5.2 after the last change) created by monzum
Commit r6051 added a line in preparetest which broke preparetest for …
08:38 Changeset [6234] by monzum
Undoing the change in preparetest that was done in r6051. Ticked has been …


20:54 SeattleShellBackend edited by leonwlaw


10:14 Ticket #1150 (Clear history for a deleted branch) created by monzum
The branch clearinghouse_alpha was deleted, but the files inside that …
10:06 Changeset [6233] by monzum
Deleting branch clearinghouse_alpha
05:35 Ticket #1149 (No case-sensitive filenames across platforms) closed by justinc
wontfix: For backwards compatibility, we're unlikely to fix this in Repy V1. It …
03:28 Ticket #1149 (No case-sensitive filenames across platforms) created by albert
Due to differences in the underlying file systems, files named …


09:30 Changeset [6186] by sportzer
More shim fixes.


14:20 Ticket #1148 (Empty in repy_v2/repy can supersede the real library) created by ffund
The placeholder in repy_v2/repy/ can supersede the …
09:29 Ticket #1147 (getmyip doesn't function when there isn't a Internet connection...) created by ffund
It's unclear why getmyip() should raise an error if the host is not …


17:45 Changeset [6160] by justinc
better var name. Wow! Why did we think shadowing socket was a good …
08:34 Changeset [6156] by sportzer
Fixes a number of bugs in various shims


22:46 Changeset [6116] by ffund
Added CheckAPI shim from Jeff Rasley circa July 2011
20:03 SeattleShellBackend edited by leonwlaw
Module-level help should also list all commands under the module. (diff)
19:52 SeattleShellBackend edited by leonwlaw
Added details for module management within seash (diff)
18:35 SeattleShellBackend edited by leonwlaw
Added user toggling of modules (diff)


14:13 Local/SslRenewal edited by gpress
Updated Clearinghouse URL (diff)
14:12 ProtoGeniIntegration edited by gpress
Removed some SeattleGENI references (diff)
14:09 SeattleResources edited by gpress
Removed some SeattleGENI references (diff)
14:06 Local/VersionDeployment edited by gpress
14:04 Archive/SeattleGeniProductionHttp edited by gpress
Updated production machine URLs (diff)
14:00 InstallerWorkflow edited by gpress
Updated installer builder xmlrpc link (diff)
13:58 huxiang edited by gpress
Changed SeattleGENI references to Seattle Clearinghouse (diff)
11:32 Changeset [6086] by gpress
Updated installer builder URL and commented out older currently unused …


07:51 Blog: Power upgrade complete! edited by justinc


15:52 Blog: Possible downtime Jan 18th created by justinc
08:12 Ticket #1146 (Seattle's Android installer must add log information upon failure...) created by justinc
The Seattle installer for Android should show log information when it …


17:14 Changeset [6066] by gpress
Addresses ticket #1143. Updated host whitelist and default download URL.
13:59 Ticket #1140 (Clearinghouse XMLRPC interface cannot be reached) closed by gpress
fixed: Added SSLCertificateChainFile to production machine enabling full support …
12:34 Changeset [6065] by gpress
Modified URL of hosted jQuery library to use the proper protocol …
10:32 Changeset [6064] by leonwlaw
Updated URLs to their new locations post-server move. Also fixed a bad …
10:12 SeattleGeniApi edited by gpress
updated xmlrpc link (diff)
09:46 CustomInstallerBuilderApi edited by gpress
Updated links (diff)
09:08 CustomInstallerBuilder edited by gpress
updated custom installer builder link (again) (diff)
09:01 CustomInstallerBuilder edited by gpress
updated custom installer builder link (diff)
06:08 SeattleDownload edited by justinc
06:08 UnderstandingSeattle/DonatingResources edited by justinc
06:07 Applications/Seobinggo edited by justinc
06:07 PythonTutorial edited by justinc
06:06 huxiang edited by justinc
06:06 EducationalAssignments/SecurityLayerPartOne edited by justinc
06:05 ProgrammersPage edited by justinc
06:05 EducationalAssignments/PrivateWritePartOne edited by justinc
06:04 SeattleOnAndroid edited by justinc
06:03 RepyTutorial edited by justinc
06:00 Blog: Migration of Seattle Clearinghouse edited by justinc
06:00 WikiStart edited by justinc
05:59 Ticket #1145 (Altruistic flibble link points to wrong location) closed by justinc
fixed: I've fixed this in r6063 (along with related issues on other HTML pages).
05:58 Changeset [6063] by justinc
Fix for #1145. I've fixed this in a bunch of places and also redirected …


16:47 Ticket #1145 (Altruistic flibble link points to wrong location) created by gpress
The "download seattle" link on …


14:16 Ticket #1144 (Update SeattleResources wiki page) created by gpress
The wiki page needs to be updated to reflect the new machines at poly.
13:28 Ticket #1143 (Android installer trouble on 4.04) created by gpress
Error installing Seattle on a Android tablet Samsung GT-P1000 running …
13:15 Ticket #1142 (incorrect xmlrpc wiki link) closed by gpress


16:14 SeattleLib edited by leonwlaw
Undo r28 (diff)


13:45 Changeset [6061] by gpress
addresses tickets #1140 and #1142 fixing 'Clearinghouse XMLRPC interface …
12:20 Ticket #1142 (incorrect xmlrpc wiki link) created by gpress
The page incorrectly links …


21:55 SeattleLib edited by leonwlaw
21:33 SeattleLib/vessellookup.repy edited by leonwlaw
Name changed from SeattleLib/vesselres.repy to … (diff)
21:32 SeattleLib/vessellookup.repy edited by leonwlaw
21:31 SeattleLib/vessellookup.repy edited by leonwlaw
20:11 SeattleLib/vessellookup.repy created by leonwlaw


13:15 Ticket #1115 (Should have Android zip installer...) closed by gpress
13:14 Ticket #1126 (Add heigth and width tags to header.png in index.html) closed by gpress
12:37 Changeset [6059] by gpress
removed a sentence from register.html
12:22 Changeset [6058] by gpress
Removed first sentence from login.html
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