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10:28 Ticket #1130 (Log shown in show log is very cluttered) created by leonwlaw
When running repy programs via seash, the logfile gets cluttered easily …


22:05 Changeset [6034] by leonwlaw
Allpairspingmap webpage autorefreshes if the geoip lookup didn't finish …


13:42 Ticket #1129 (httpretrieve.repy is slow) created by albert
httpretrieve.repy gets HTTP header data bytes from a socket one by …
09:47 Changeset [6033] by leonwlaw
Fix for crashes due to failed geoip lookups


01:06 Ticket #1126 (Add heigth and width tags to header.png in index.html) reopened by albert
Didn't propagate through to the live version of the page…


19:59 Ticket #1128 (Add dynamic update to allpairspingmap repy application) created by leonwlaw
The current implementation of allpairspingmap displays a map of the …
19:53 Changeset [6032] by leonwlaw
Repy version of the allpairsping application
17:29 Ticket #1127 (isdisjoint set method breaks WORA...) created by justinc
There is a built-in operator for sets called "isdisjoint". It only …


18:50 Ticket #1126 (Add heigth and width tags to header.png in index.html) closed by gpress
fixed: The header.png height and width attributes are now explicitly set within …
18:48 Changeset [6031] by gpress
08:10 RepyTutorial edited by justinc


12:22 Ticket #1124 (Seash unit test guest keys are not unique) closed by leonwlaw
fixed: Turns out it wasn't an issue generating keys with length 1024. The issue …
12:15 Changeset [6030] by leonwlaw
Fix to allow fully parallel runs of the seash unit tests. (#1124)
00:57 SeattleOnAndroid edited by albert
Removed some factual inaccuracy (diff)
00:44 Ticket #1126 (Add heigth and width tags to header.png in index.html) created by albert
Due to my slow, remote connection, it takes a while until header.png


19:37 SeattleOnAndroid edited by yanyan
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17:39 SeattleOnAndroid edited by yanyan
06:15 Ticket #1125 (Repyhelper cache corruption on SeattleOnAndroid) created by albert
On SeattleOnAndroid it happens that and …


09:28 Ticket #1124 (Seash unit test guest keys are not unique) created by leonwlaw
The public keys that are used by the Seash unit tests are not unique. This …
05:54 Ticket #1123 (dnscommon should support EDNS and IPv6/AAAA records) created by albert
We are working on EDNS support for dnscommon.repy for our CDN …
03:44 WikiStart edited by albert
03:41 Ticket #1122 (Random.repy: Negative-exponential distributed random values) created by albert
Negative-exponential distributed random values are so useful that I think …


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08:30 Ticket #1121 ("as" keyword should be blocked in 2.7) created by justinc
If you run Repy in Python 2.7, the "as" keyword in except clauses is …
07:05 Ticket #1120 (Unit tests fail/take too long) created by leonwlaw
These tests don't pass on either version: * …


22:47 Ticket #1118 (UTF to support checking strings that span multiple lines) closed by leonwlaw
fixed: These tests don't pass on either version: * …
22:43 Changeset [6029] by leonwlaw
Support for checking strings that span multiple lines (#1118)
22:40 EducationalAssignments/PrivateWritePartTwo edited by aman


14:07 Changeset [6028] by cmatthew
assert warning logic. renamed to not confuse with the warning log …
14:07 Changeset [6027] by cmatthew
assert warnings again.
14:06 Changeset [6026] by cmatthew
fixup to the call of select.
14:06 Changeset [6025] by cmatthew
Don't confuse warning assertions wtih warning messages.
14:05 Changeset [6024] by cmatthew
don't print while converting time struct.
14:04 Changeset [6023] by cmatthew
better name for fast mode in dispatcher.
14:04 Changeset [6022] by cmatthew
fix incorrect return code for getpid
14:03 Changeset [6021] by cmatthew
fixed bad return value problem.


10:41 SeattleTalks edited by justinc


15:59 Ticket #1108 (Error contacting local test nodes for seash) closed by leonwlaw
fixed: The test nodemanager wasn't listening on the correct port. Redirecting …
15:48 Changeset [6020] by leonwlaw
Fix for seash tests not being able to contact local nodes. (#1108)
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