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19:09 Ticket #1074 (seash timeout error messages can be confusing...) closed by leonwlaw
19:08 Changeset [5825] by leonwlaw
Seash errors are now displayed in a human readable manner. (#1074)


15:09 Changeset [5811] by cmatthew
removed an extra print.
14:58 Changeset [5810] by cmatthew
remove some extra prints.
14:57 Changeset [5809] by cmatthew
Be default load special files like /dev/null, /dev/random add in rename …
14:56 Changeset [5808] by cmatthew
When in silent mode, don't print warning messages about error in syscalls.
14:55 Changeset [5807] by cmatthew
Make sure socketpair returns 0 when it works.
14:54 Changeset [5806] by cmatthew
Shrink recv's which are bigger than the lind buffer.
14:52 Changeset [5805] by cmatthew
Fact: you can bind to port 0, this actually binds to the next free open …
14:51 Changeset [5804] by cmatthew
Many SO_ options were incorrect, I have changed them all the be what is in …
14:50 Changeset [5803] by cmatthew
Not sure if these flags were correct, so changed them.
14:49 Changeset [5802] by cmatthew
Implementation of the rename systemcall.
14:45 Changeset [5801] by cmatthew
TOR makes many connections. Make more connections allowed by default.


14:10 EducationalAssignments/SecureTuringCompleteSandboxChallengeBuild edited by justinc
13:03 Changeset [5793] by cmatthew
Cleanup extra print.
13:02 Changeset [5792] by cmatthew
Allow connect to accecpt connetion structs of several different sizes.
13:01 Changeset [5791] by cmatthew
When stating a device node, convert the device tuple number into the …
13:00 Changeset [5790] by cmatthew
Updates which fix bugs related to netcat not working. Foremost is a fix …


16:51 Ticket #1106 (Bugs in Lind) created by enchl
After doing the commands under the directory which has been mounted: mkdir …
16:47 Ticket #1105 (Report Bugs in Lind) created by enchl
When starting MySQL server to the directory which has been mounted, …


22:03 Ticket #1104 (Quick successive clicks on certain Clearinghouse buttons raise errors.) created by gpress
If a user clicks a button in quick succession before the operation is …
17:31 Changeset [5778] by cmatthew
Flock wrapper.
17:26 Changeset [5777] by cmatthew
Few fixups to new syscalls.
17:26 Changeset [5776] by cmatthew
Add in correct argument check.
16:47 Changeset [5775] by cmatthew
Fixed bug in safe getpid and used newer style formatting. Wrappers and …
15:41 Changeset [5774] by cmatthew
Fixed bug in safe getpid and used newer style formatting.
15:40 Changeset [5773] by cmatthew
Fixed bug in safe getpid and used newer style formatting.
15:07 Changeset [5772] by cmatthew
Socket type can actually be an OR of SOCK_STREAM and things like …
15:06 Changeset [5771] by cmatthew
Socket type can actually be an OR of SOCK_STREAM and things like …
15:04 Changeset [5770] by cmatthew
Removed a no longer valid assertion.
15:03 Changeset [5769] by cmatthew
TOR like a listen queue size of 128, bumping up our max to that.
15:02 Changeset [5768] by cmatthew
Replace hard coded UID values with a constant. Merge as well.
15:00 Changeset [5767] by cmatthew
Fixed a invalid assertion. Checked if flag was not 0, but F_OK = 0, so it …
13:26 Changeset [5766] by nitin
Updated setrlimit getrlimit, flock syscalls.


10:58 Changeset [5758] by monzum
Most of the nodes have already moved over to use the new centralized …


22:09 Changeset [5757] by cmatthew
Sometimes argument to lseek is a long, updated assertions.
22:08 Changeset [5756] by cmatthew
Socketpair dispatcher.
22:07 Changeset [5755] by cmatthew
some fixups to socketpair
20:23 Changeset [5754] by cmatthew
small refactoring of xstat wrapper.
20:22 Changeset [5753] by cmatthew
factored errnos into their own file.


22:47 Changeset [5751] by mkaplan
Carried over changes from r4458 to support security layers configured by …
22:30 Changeset [5750] by mkaplan
port of commit 4454 to repyv2, to add support for hiding files that start …
22:07 Ticket #1005 (repyhelper only works when user has write access) closed by mkaplan
wontfix: I committed the attached diffs in r5748 and r5749. Based on my …
22:04 Changeset [5749] by mkaplan
Clearer error message when unable to generate the translated file
21:56 Changeset [5748] by mkaplan
Cleaned up the code that checks if a regenaration is necessary
19:46 Changeset [5747] by gpress
19:45 Changeset [5746] by gpress
12:34 Changeset [5745] by gpress
added error handling for auto-register


21:07 Changeset [5739] by gpress
added more OpenID/OAuth documentation
15:54 WebCodingStyle edited by gpress
added example (diff)
15:43 Betaseattleclearinghouse edited by gpress
12:37 Changeset [5738] by gpress
10:16 Changeset [5736] by gpress


16:17 Changeset [5734] by gpress
16:13 Changeset [5733] by gpress
Fixed caption text wrap around.
13:50 Changeset [5732] by gpress
13:40 Changeset [5731] by gpress
adding OpenID and OAuth icons
11:52 Changeset [5730] by gpress
creating a alpha branch of Seattle Clearinghouse.


06:25 Ticket #1040 (Remove remnants from Repyv1) closed by mkaplan
duplicate: This bug is too vague, and is repeated elsewhere. For example: * #586 * …


21:52 Ticket #1103 (Replace calls to python with sys.executable) created by mkaplan
It might be useful to replace calls to 'python' with calls to …
21:06 Changeset [5728] by mkaplan
Updated command line parsing and reorganized imports
20:49 Changeset [5727] by mkaplan
typos corrected
19:45 Changeset [5726] by mkaplan
Removed WindowsCE remnants in nmAPI.mix
13:24 EducationalAssignments/SecureTuringCompleteSandboxChallengeBuild edited by justinc


17:34 Changeset [5725] by nitin
added user/group identity calls, fixed some unit tests.
16:16 Changeset [5724] by nitin
unit tests for mknod and socketpair.
16:09 Changeset [5723] by nitin
added mknod and socketpair syscalls.
07:20 Changeset [5720] by mkaplan
Adds support for dy_import_module_symbols for repyportability Sample …


21:02 ProgrammersPage edited by mkaplan
Added gedit syntax-highlighting information (diff)
20:53 repy.lang attached to ProgrammersPage by mkaplan
14:45 Changeset [5718] by mkaplan
Repy now uses optparse for command line argument parsing (isntead of …
14:20 Ticket #1102 (upgrading Django to version >= 1.4) created by gpress
Do we want to do this? Seattle Clearinghouse code is currently …
14:06 Ticket #1101 (Proposal: Make restrictions.default the default restrictions file) created by mkaplan
Currently, every time repy is invoked, the restrictions file needs to be …
13:58 Ticket #1041 (Remove Windows Mobile code from Repyv2) closed by mkaplan
fixed: A bit more than the previously uploaded diff was removed. See the …
13:58 Changeset [5717] by mkaplan
Fix for ticket 1041
13:27 Changeset [5716] by leonwlaw
Remove old code that no longer applies
13:06 Ticket #982 (encode could possibly be unsafe...) closed by mkaplan
fixed: Fixed in r5715.
13:05 Changeset [5715] by mkaplan
Fix for ticket #982
11:15 ContributorsPage edited by gpress


19:11 EducationalAssignments/SecureTuringCompleteSandboxChallengeBuild edited by justinc
19:09 EducationalAssignments/SecureTuringCompleteSandboxChallengeBuild edited by justinc
19:05 EducationalAssignments/SecureTuringCompleteSandboxChallengeBuild edited by justinc
11:02 Ticket #1100 (some API keys will force a new line in the profile cell.) created by gpress
This is fixed by changing the font to a set width font.
11:00 Ticket #1099 (Seattlegeni html moves position on pages requiring vertical scrolling) created by gpress
When a page requires vertical scrolling the entire html body gets moved …
10:29 Ticket #1007 (Android-specific adaptions to Seattle) closed by justinc
worksforme: I think this has all been fixed given our Android push…


20:12 SeattleShellBackend edited by leonwlaw
19:34 SeattleShellBackend created by leonwlaw
15:02 EducationalAssignments/SecureTuringCompleteSandboxChallengeBuild edited by justinc
14:58 EducationalAssignments/SecureTuringCompleteSandboxChallengeBuild created by justinc


11:27 Changeset [5709] by leonwlaw
Fixes bug with Chrome users not being able to load larger webpages


06:30 Ticket #1098 (Android startup after boot not working...) closed by justinc
duplicate: Duplicate with #1078.


07:58 Ticket #1098 (Android startup after boot not working...) created by justinc
Bertie Nei reports: Seattle does not start up automatically on my Android …


16:27 Changeset [5708] by cmatthew
Fixes to logging and fix for exception printing which was causing error …
08:28 Changeset [5707] by gpress
Fixed wording on login.html


18:10 ContributorsPage edited by gpress


12:14 Betaseattleclearinghouse edited by justinc
09:07 Betaseattleclearinghouse edited by monzum
09:06 Betaseattleclearinghouse edited by monzum


21:12 Ticket #311 (django templates coding style guide) closed by gpress
fixed: I added an example to the WebCodingStyle and made some other minor changes …
21:04 WebCodingStyle edited by gpress
20:49 Betaseattleclearinghouse edited by monzum
20:37 WebCodingStyle edited by gpress
Django Template example (diff)
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