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09:21 Changeset [5529] by nitin
Unit test for UDP in connection mode.


21:44 Changeset [5528] by cmatthew
Make connect re-callable. Fix getdents test, since new default inode …
21:43 Changeset [5527] by cmatthew
more lower ports in default restrictions
20:53 Changeset [5526] by cmatthew
Changes which add fast lind support, and profiling support to Lind.
20:52 Changeset [5525] by cmatthew
Added operations on the stdio channels, so that things like perror will …
20:51 Changeset [5524] by cmatthew
added more udp listening ports to default configuration, since DNS uses …
20:51 Changeset [5523] by cmatthew
Poll support.
20:50 Changeset [5522] by cmatthew
Little cleanups in a lot of the dispatcher routines.
20:47 Changeset [5521] by cmatthew
added in a warning that sendto is unimplemented.


20:28 Ticket #996 (The condition variable tests seem to fail.) closed by kou
worksforme: I was unable to duplicate this issue since those two tests do not fail for …
09:56 Ticket #428 (Some network semantics tests rely on ports they are not given) closed by justinc
invalid: This was an issue before The tests have all been ported in the …


17:24 Ticket #1054 (Installer should handle user trying to run in a clean way.) closed by kou
worksforme: I was unable to duplicate this issue after attempting to run …
17:15 Changeset [5520] by sebass63
Re-created hosts.txt functionality for zenodotus. This version does not …


23:09 Changeset [5519] by cmatthew
Fix Nitin's flags bug.
23:09 Changeset [5518] by cmatthew
refactored some of the parser code to its own file.
23:06 Changeset [5517] by cmatthew
*** empty log message ***
23:06 Changeset [5516] by cmatthew
Added UDP send support
13:12 Changeset [5515] by nitin
added few sleeps between send and recv, so that it works on every machine
12:39 Changeset [5514] by nitin
unit test for recvfrom_syscall()
12:32 Changeset [5513] by nitin
Fixed bugs in recvfrom_syscall() and sendto_syscall() in …


08:19 Ticket #1033 (Add a comment sign "command" to seash) closed by justinc
fixed: Fixed in r5512. The fix also removes trailing and leading whitespace …
08:19 Changeset [5512] by justinc
Kathy Ou's fix for #1033.
06:25 Ticket #1061 (Improve detection of ARM targets in installer) created by albert
Currently, we support two types of ARM-based devices, Nokia N800/900 and …


14:31 Changeset [5511] by sebass63
Uploaded currently deployed version of zenodotus.


13:13 Ticket #419 (testing for DNS lookups...) closed by justinc
invalid: As more of the NM moves within repy, this is less of a concern.
10:48 Changeset [5510] by cmatthew
* lind_server.mix: When program file does not exist, fail with real error …


09:01 Ticket #1058 (Remove myseattlegeni page) closed by gpress
07:59 Ticket #1024 (Momentary acquire resources outage on SeattleGENI) closed by justinc
worksforme: We haven't seen this again. I can't duplicate this.


19:26 Changeset [5503] by cmatthew
add in getifaddrs include. fix another malformed log message.
19:24 Changeset [5502] by cmatthew
since log is occasionally used in lind, I added it to the offical API for …
19:23 Changeset [5501] by cmatthew
corrected malformed log message.
19:22 Changeset [5500] by cmatthew
Added the getifaddrs system call.
16:27 Ticket #1001 (Repy V2 semantics regarding openconn) closed by vijay
16:27 Ticket #871 (UDPServerSocket getmessage erroneously raises LocalIPChanged) closed by vijay
13:05 Changeset [5499] by justinc
fix proposed by Leonard Law. Prevents large webpages from being …
06:24 Ticket #1060 (Extend Windows install error message) closed by albert
fixed: Fixed per r5498.
06:23 Changeset [5498] by albert
Fix for #1060 (Extend Windows install error message)
06:21 Ticket #1059 (Improve Windows 7 detection during install) closed by albert
fixed: Fixed per r5497.
06:19 Changeset [5497] by albert
Fix for #1059 (improved Win7 detection in all Python versions)
03:05 Ticket #1060 (Extend Windows install error message) created by albert
The error message emits if it cannot detect the …
02:45 Ticket #1059 (Improve Windows 7 detection during install) created by albert, lines 259 and following, claims to detect …


20:27 Changeset [5496] by gpress
The red warning message boxes were not proportionally scaled to the green …
20:16 Changeset [5495] by gpress
This removes the mygeni page. tickets #1058,#706
19:55 Ticket #1058 (Remove myseattlegeni page) created by gpress
This page is being removed.
19:51 Ticket #1053 (Seattlegeni myvessels page add info about credit calculation) closed by gpress
fixed: r5494
19:47 Changeset [5494] by gpress
Ticket #1053 Added text display for max acquirable vessels and number of …
18:31 Ticket #300 (seattlegeni should indicate when acquired vessels are on nodes that have ...) closed by gpress
fixed: Resolved in r5493
18:26 Changeset [5493] by gpress
When a acquired vessel is on a node which is inactive, the vessel location …
17:13 Ticket #686 (seattlegeni myvessels page's vessel list needs usability improvement) closed by gpress
fixed: fixed in revision 5492
17:10 Changeset [5492] by gpress
Added "remove" and "update" graphic buttons for the myvessels.html page in …


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