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19:42 Changeset [5260] by sushant
Remove extra spaces in help.html checked in [5259]. Refs #1055
19:29 Changeset [5259] by sushant
Change GENI to Clearinghouse in all html/css/txt files. Refs #1055
18:20 Changeset [5258] by sushant
Added seattlegeni CA certificate that is required by the integration test …


10:45 Changeset [5249] by sushant
Fix typo in Refs #1010


16:20 Changeset [5243] by cmatthew
This test was not working at all. The blind catches were catching socket …
12:28 Lind edited by justinc


17:47 Changeset [5237] by justinc
more typo changes. I really hope this is all of them. What a mess!!!
17:41 RepyApi edited by justinc
17:38 Changeset [5236] by justinc
broken link
17:37 Changeset [5235] by justinc
fixing links
17:33 Changeset [5234] by justinc
fixed moved links and bolded some text


09:21 Changeset [5225] by monzum
Reverting session.repy into its old format to remove a bug. Made minor …


14:53 Changeset [5219] by monzum
More changes made to port nodemanager to Repy V2 - Added fastsigneddata - …
14:20 Changeset [5218] by monzum
Made various changes to get rid of repyhelper.translate_and_import and …
14:19 Changeset [5217] by monzum
Commiting the new ntp_time.repy for Repy V2.
13:01 Changeset [5216] by mkaplan
replaced includes with dylink calls in .repy files
12:42 Changeset [5215] by monzum
Changed servicelogger from a mix file to python. Modified tracebackrepy …


17:39 Changeset [5214] by cmatthew
Fixed a bug where peek did not work for sockets with made by accept call. …
17:37 Changeset [5213] by cmatthew
fixed up fast dispatch mode so that it works.
17:36 Changeset [5212] by cmatthew
shutdown had a stub in it, this replaces it with a working copy.
17:30 Changeset [5211] by cmatthew
If you perform a lseek on a socket, return EVPIPE instand of exceptioning.
12:15 Changeset [5209] by mkaplan
Removed mix files, nminit appears to function
11:19 Changeset [5207] by mkaplan
Copied repyv2 to start work on the nodemanager


21:24 Ticket #1055 (Change all occurrences of 'SeattleGENI' to 'Seattle Clearinghouse') created by sushant
This includes the wiki, documentation, code, file/folder names etc.


22:39 Changeset [5204] by sebass63
Fixed recvmess and sendmess to be threadsafe.


18:56 Ticket #1054 (Installer should handle user trying to run in a clean way.) created by justinc
I don't know if it should be an clear error message or should just work, …
10:17 EducationalAssignments/SecurityLayerPartOne edited by ericms
10:08 EducationalAssignments/SecurityLayerPartOne edited by ericms


13:27 Changeset [5203] by monzum
Added a new semantic test that will show what happens when the client …
09:20 Ticket #1010 (Prepend SEATTLECLEARINGHOUSE_ to project specific values in closed by sushant
fixed: Changes added in [5202]
09:18 Changeset [5202] by sushant
Prepend SEATTLECLEARINGHOUSE to Seattle specific settings. Refs #1010
09:05 Ticket #981 (Admin password change form is broken...) closed by sushant
fixed: Added handler for password change url in [5201].
09:02 Changeset [5201] by sushant
Add handler for admin action: user password change. Refs #981


19:52 Changeset [5179] by cmatthew
Added some simple strace like functionality.
19:51 Changeset [5178] by cmatthew
added write and read on socket fds, and added peek to socket read.
14:47 Changeset [5177] by sushant
Minor changes to documentation in the test file.
14:43 Local/ContributorContactInfo edited by sushant
14:38 Changeset [5176] by sushant
Changed name of the SeattleGENI integration test file.


11:57 Changeset [5173] by cmatthew
This commit adds support for using the write and read system calls on …
09:29 EducationalAssignments/SecurityLayerPartOne edited by justinc
09:22 EducationalAssignments/SecurityLayerPartOne edited by justinc
09:17 EducationalAssignments/SecurityLayerPartOne edited by justinc
09:16 EducationalAssignments/SecurityLayerPartOne edited by justinc
07:04 EducationalAssignments/SecurityLayerPartOne edited by ericms


00:13 Ticket #1023 (Better monitoring for SeattleGENI) closed by sushant
fixed: Integration test script added in [5169]. The script can scheduled to run …
00:06 Changeset [5169] by sushant
Added integration test for SeattleGENI.


23:27 Ticket #1026 (Excessive AdvertiseErrors on offline nodes) closed by sushant
fixed: Changes added in [5137]. We now skip logging of 'N' consecutive advertise …
22:33 Ticket #1030 (DeprecationWarning in closed by mkaplan
fixed: Fixed in r5168.
22:32 Changeset [5168] by mkaplan
Fix to hide DeprecationWarning? for (ticket #1030)


11:39 Changeset [5164] by sebass63
Added a temporary fix #1052 to This eliminates the problem …
09:56 EducationalAssignments/SecurityLayerPartTwo edited by ericms
07:44 Ticket #692 (seattlegeni xmlrpc client needs tests) closed by justinc
duplicate: Duplicate ticket with #1023
07:42 Ticket #665 (reset lost passwords on seattlegeni) closed by justinc
wontfix: I handle this manually. Given the current scale and number of requests, …
05:03 CollectedNodeData/DelaySpace edited by pheitt
05:02 CollectedNodeData/DelaySpace edited by pheitt


10:25 Ticket #871 (UDPServerSocket getmessage erroneously raises LocalIPChanged) reopened by justinc
Why is this a good exception to raise? How does the programmer know what …
09:53 Ticket #871 (UDPServerSocket getmessage erroneously raises LocalIPChanged) closed by vijay
invalid: In FutureRepyAPI sendmessage call no longer raises the LocalIPChanged …
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