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09:57 Ticket #1052 (Nodemanager unexpectedly dying.) created by monzum
We noticed recently that the Seattle node count has been dropping rapidly …
09:43 Ticket #1051 (Bug in nmrequesthandler or session.repy - index out of range.) created by monzum
Found a bug about index out of range error in the nodemanager log, as of …
09:40 Ticket #1050 (ntp_time_repy bug - index out of range.) created by monzum
There seems to be a bug in the ntp_time.repy that creeps up occasionally. …


14:09 Changeset [5161] by cmatthew
Cleanup read syscall.
14:06 Changeset [5160] by cmatthew
Cleaned up and testing networking syscalls.
10:25 Ticket #1025 (TCPServerSocket.getconnection() doesn't account for unclosed sockets with ...) closed by vijay
fixed: Changes are made to emulcomm file and the problem is fixed with the use of …
10:17 Changeset [5159] by vijay
This commit is a fix for ticket #1025 and replaced identity tuple with …
07:43 Ticket #182 (add tips by registration fields) closed by gpress
fixed: Tooltips added to the registration fields in r5136.


16:09 Ticket #1012 (outsockets leaked by Repy V2?) closed by vijay
16:08 Changeset [5158] by cmatthew
Working tested version of the accept, send and socket syscall handlers.
16:08 Changeset [5157] by cmatthew
added in a warning function. like assert, but does not stop program.
15:32 Changeset [5156] by cmatthew
updated sequence number checking.
15:30 Changeset [5155] by cmatthew
The dispatcher was catching key errors in syscall code which had fallen …
12:29 Changeset [5154] by cmatthew
This commit fixes 4 bugs: * a general except was overriding a specific …
10:31 Ticket #1044 (File I/O with mode 'a+' is about 100x faster than 'r+b' on Mac OS-X) closed by vijay
invalid: Writing to an existing file in r+b mode will replace the contents of file …


20:36 Changeset [5153] by mkaplan
Rephrased version checking message
19:56 Changeset [5152] by mkaplan
Typos fixed
19:38 Ticket #975 (Need support added to choose layers when running utf tests...) closed by mkaplan
fixed: Support added for security layers in r5151.
19:35 Changeset [5151] by mkaplan
Added support for running unit tests with security layers


20:38 Archive/SeattleGeniInstallation edited by sushant
20:36 Archive/SeattleGeniInstallation edited by sushant
18:32 Changeset [5150] by mkaplan
minor readability change to encasementlib.repy
11:46 Changeset [5149] by cmatthew
Changed prepare test to account for preprocessing errors.
11:23 Changeset [5148] by cmatthew
Initial implementations of accept, connect, listen setsockopt and socket …


16:48 Changeset [5147] by cmatthew
cleaned up several system call handlers.
13:41 Changeset [5146] by cmatthew
Added the struct tester from master branch. Modified it to work with-in …
13:35 Changeset [5145] by cmatthew
Added a constant for the Lind default metadata filename, and fixed a …
13:34 Changeset [5144] by cmatthew
Small cleanup of open. Removed unusesd constants and comments.
13:31 Changeset [5143] by cmatthew
Added network ports to the default lind restrictions file. This allows …


22:24 Changeset [5142] by mkaplan
renamed and heavily reorganized portions of


13:35 Changeset [5141] by justinc
adding the test server / workarounds for repy portability and removing the …
13:34 Changeset [5140] by justinc
removed circular imports and created a new Python testing mechanism called …


14:37 Changeset [5139] by cmatthew
This commit changes the read buffer size to be more resonable, and also …


23:16 Changeset [5138] by cmatthew
Two fixes: sockets need locks too, added. The open TCP ports are returned …
20:11 Changeset [5137] by justinc
added Sushant's changes to nmadvertise.
18:10 Changeset [5136] by justinc
Gaetano's fixes to the documentation.


14:35 Changeset [5135] by cmatthew
Added networks stubs. Still lots of work to do here, but should allow lind …
06:39 Changeset [5134] by sebass63
Reduced graceperiod for seash browse actions to three seconds.


14:46 Changeset [5133] by cmatthew
Style cleanups introduced transmisstion buffer maxes doesnt hang on …
14:42 Changeset [5132] by justinc
fixing unnecessary print statements
14:19 Changeset [5131] by cmatthew
13:59 Changeset [5130] by cmatthew
In some cases, sockets would not have locks. This adds a lock check …
12:49 Changeset [5129] by cmatthew
Added a missing constant which was causing some tests to fail.
12:45 Changeset [5128] by cmatthew
Uncomitted error in persistence test. Make sure that if the file is there, …


07:02 Changeset [5127] by justinc
Equivalent patch for r5126. This should be applied to the main Repy V2 …
06:59 Changeset [5126] by justinc
fixes to make interpreter clean-up avoid printing errors
06:59 Changeset [5125] by justinc
fix to make it build


15:19 WikiStart edited by gpress
added a link back to main website and added tablets/android phones (diff)


18:37 Changeset [5124] by cmatthew
fixed a bug in close which is triggered in ut_lind_broken_close_test it …
18:29 Changeset [5123] by cmatthew
Right now I can't figure out how to shutdown a socket correctly. So we …
17:44 Changeset [5122] by cmatthew
Sockets should be able to be closed with the standard "close" system call. …
15:02 Changeset [5121] by cmatthew
Fixed two bugs relating to old metadata corruption, and new metadata …
14:09 Changeset [5120] by cmatthew
updated the persistence test to account for a new type of persistence bug, …


20:36 Ticket #1049 (Unit tests of repyv2 failing when run using Python 2.7 on Ubuntu 11.10) closed by mkaplan
17:57 Changeset [5116] by cmatthew
Added standard code to load the filesystem. Which is now called in all our …
12:19 Changeset [5115] by mkaplan
Fix to make repy compatible with Python 2.7.2 on Ubuntu 11.10 (ticket …
09:45 Ticket #1048 (Repy unit tests do not run correctly on Ubuntu 11.10) closed by mkaplan
08:30 Ticket #1049 (Unit tests of repyv2 failing when run using Python 2.7 on Ubuntu 11.10) created by vijay
The following is the error observed when running the unit test Running: …


21:34 Ticket #1048 (Repy unit tests do not run correctly on Ubuntu 11.10) created by mkaplan
On Ubuntu 11.04, x86_64, with Python 2.7.1+ the repyv2api unit tests all …
10:15 Local/VersionDeployment edited by monzum
08:20 Changeset [5113] by monzum
Modified the initial files and final files (required for installer …
07:42 Changeset [5112] by monzum
Made some modifications to advertise.repy to remove all references to …


15:03 Changeset [5111] by cmatthew
Fixed bug in getdents where null terminator was not added to directory …
15:01 Changeset [5110] by cmatthew
removed a few extra print statements.
14:59 Changeset [5109] by cmatthew
Updated filesystem test wrapper to thorow fewer errors when socket code is …
14:58 Changeset [5108] by cmatthew
Changed default memory limit, it was too low for simple programs.


19:57 Changeset [5107] by sebass63
Updated advertise.repy documentation and fixed an edge case where DHT …
11:57 Changeset [5106] by cmatthew
Updated the socket tests to work in Lind via wrapper.
11:39 Changeset [5105] by cmatthew
added a test that causes the missing inode close problem.


12:26 Ticket #1047 (Can safe module avoid building an AST?) created by justinc
The AST built by the compiler module is quite large. We really don't …
07:51 Changeset [5104] by monzum
Commiting the modified make_base_installers that Albert and Akos has made …


16:25 Changeset [5103] by cmatthew
This adds basic support for watching the NaCl? proceess for termination. …
10:04 Changeset [5102] by cmatthew
Added two test files which currently cause persistance to not work.
09:33 Changeset [5101] by monzum
Updated the build.xml file in the android installer directory.
06:06 Changeset [5100] by albert
Undoing previous commit of this file. We are still testing the Android …
05:33 Changeset [5099] by albert
Sources for building the Android package
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