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15:41 Changeset [3847] by meagher
Added port command-line argument and provided link to wiki documentation.
15:41 ContributorsPage edited by evan
15:38 ContributorsPage edited by evan
Added link to GeoIPServer wiki page (diff)
15:36 Applications/GeoIpServer created by evan
14:22 Changeset [3846] by justinc
typo in assignment name


21:11 Changeset [3845] by armon
Fixed a bug which would cause librepysock.recv() to hang if there is data …


23:04 Changeset [3843] by meagher
Adding GeoIP server code, which is currently running on blackbox under the …


21:46 Changeset [3842] by armon
Working on seobinggo V2
12:03 SeattleGeniApi edited by jsamuel
added regenerate_api_key and set_public_key calls (diff)
10:43 Changeset [3841] by jsamuel
Add the ability to change the pubkey and apikey through the xmlrpc …


14:13 Changeset [3840] by zackrb
Adding the nessecary files / modifications in order to create the new …
13:45 NsisSystemSetup created by zackrb
12:39 BaseInstallers edited by zackrb
12:33 ContributorsPage edited by zackrb


14:03 RepyV2API edited by justinc
13:58 RepyV2API edited by justinc
13:53 RepyV2API edited by justinc


21:01 RepyV2API edited by armon
Fixed docstring for VN.evaluate() (diff)
19:54 RepyV2API edited by armon
Updated docstrings for network related calls. (diff)
18:32 Changeset [3839] by armon
Bug fixes and performance improvements for wrapper library.
09:37 SeattleTalks edited by justinc


15:24 Changeset [3838] by justinc
Should have been added in r3834 as a test for #877.
14:42 Ticket #877 (UDP datagrams of > 4K cannot be recieved...) closed by justinc
fixed: Tests committed in r3834.
14:41 Changeset [3834] by justinc
Tests for the changes in #877.
14:18 RepyApi edited by justinc
14:17 Changeset [3833] by justinc
Fix for #877.
14:14 Ticket #877 (UDP datagrams of > 4K cannot be recieved...) created by justinc
The maximum UDP datagram size that can be received is 4K. Surprisingly, …
14:08 RepyApi edited by justinc
09:43 Changeset [3832] by justinc
Commit of Cosmin's CNC server.


18:07 Changeset [3831] by justinc
fix to tutorial link


20:28 Ticket #761 (Mobility support needs to be added / verified...) closed by evan
fixed: Closed with r3797.
20:21 Changeset [3797] by meagher
Added IP mobility to node manager. Polls for IP changes inside existing …
16:51 Changeset [3790] by armon
Minor cleanup of exceptions for sendmessage and listenformessage.


13:44 EducationalAssignments/TakeHome edited by evan
Changed all repy programs' file extensions from .py to .repy to reflect … (diff)
11:56 Changeset [3744] by meagher
Modified filenames of repy programs used in the Take Home Assignment to …


14:40 Changeset [3738] by meagher
Added restrictions.allowallports file, which is required for the Take Home …
13:56 EducationalAssignments/TakeHome edited by evan
11:55 Changeset [3737] by meagher
pingneighbors.repy file removed from demokit bundle after it is …


16:00 EducationalAssignments/TakeHome edited by evan
Reverted file exceptions of allpairsping program. (diff)
15:58 Changeset [3734] by meagher
Included and programs from Take Home Assignment …
15:45 Changeset [3733] by meagher
Added infinite loop and helloworld repy programs (from Take Home …
13:56 SeattleTalks edited by justinc


23:47 Changeset [3718] by meagher
Fixed bug where urllib.repy would crash when NoneType? passed to …
22:34 EducationalAssignments/TakeHome edited by evan
Change allpairsping file extension to match the file in new demokit. (diff)
18:08 Changeset [3717] by armon
Check the copied args for proper type rather than the actual args.
12:56 SeattleTalks edited by justinc


19:12 Changeset [3713] by armon
Fixed a typo. Export wrap_references function.
19:12 Changeset [3712] by armon
Made class and type references non-copied. Definition is not converted to …
19:10 Changeset [3711] by armon
Try to have librepysocket work around AlreadyListeningError? for openconn …
19:10 Changeset [3710] by armon
Fixed a case where just 'print' is used.
14:18 Changeset [3709] by armon
Fixed bug with function with variable argument count getting wrapped.
13:28 Changeset [3708] by armon
Added encasement library, which uses the reference wrapping library.


12:33 CustomInstallerBuilder edited by zackrb


13:35 Changeset [3686] by armon
Added id() builtin to the safe list.
13:34 Changeset [3685] by armon
Fixed dylink re-writing of print statements to add newline.
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