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and .


21:07 Ticket #829 (Integrate geoip library into created by evan
This update is twofold: 1. Change the show location(s) command to …
17:08 MeetingNotes/2010/01/18 edited by cemeyer
15:13 Changeset [3401] by armon
Switch namespace to point to the real createvirtualnamespace so that repy …
14:02 MeetingNotes/2010/01/18 created by jsamuel
13:53 Ticket #828 (clean up use of mutable objects as argument defaults) closed by cemeyer
fixed: Fixed in r3400: * trunk/seattlelib/advertise.repy * …
13:52 Changeset [3400] by cemeyer
#828: Fix mutable default arguments in seattlelib/advertise.repy, …
13:38 Changeset [3399] by armon
Ticket #828. Updated multiplexer code in seattlelib to match that in the …
13:36 Changeset [3398] by armon
Ticket #828. Fixed use of mutable default args in Multiplexer and …
13:23 Changeset [3397] by armon
Ticket #828. Fixed use of mutable objects as default argument in dylink.
09:56 Changeset [3396] by jsamuel
Fix software updater tests' usage of mutable objects as argument defaults …
09:54 Ticket #826 (wrong command listed on seattlegeni "get donations" page) closed by jsamuel
fixed: Fixed in r3395. Manually update on seattlegeni.cs and blackbox.cs.
09:49 Changeset [3395] by jsamuel
Fix seattlegeni template that gives directions with wrong command line …
09:19 CodingStyle edited by jsamuel
added mention of avoiding mutable objects as argument defaults (diff)
09:10 Ticket #828 (clean up use of mutable objects as argument defaults) created by jsamuel
The use of mutable objects for function argument default values in python …


22:30 Ticket #827 (httpserver.repy should provide message body data as a stream, not a string) created by cemeyer
Please modify seattlelib/httpserver.repy to provide the message body of …
21:39 Ticket #825 (Add httpserver unit tests) closed by cemeyer
fixed: More in r3394; we can add more as we encounter errors or think of edge …
21:38 Changeset [3394] by cemeyer
#825: Add more unit tests for httpserver.
21:28 Changeset [3393] by cemeyer
#825: Add more unit tests for httpserver.
20:35 Ticket #826 (wrong command listed on seattlegeni "get donations" page) created by jsamuel
evan noticed that seattlegeni's /geni/html/getdonations page says: […] …
20:09 Changeset [3392] by cemeyer
#825: Add more unit tests for httpserver.
19:33 RepyV2API edited by armon
Updated docstring for getlasterror (diff)
19:32 Changeset [3391] by armon
Added function to expose getlasterror for repy V2.
19:27 Changeset [3390] by armon
Separated handle_exception into code to format the traceback, and code to …
18:00 Changeset [3389] by armon
Moved exceptions from to, …
17:52 RepyV2API edited by armon
Added info about getresources returning the stoptimes. (diff)
17:49 RepyV2API edited by armon
Updated docstring for VirtualNamespace.evaluate() (diff)
17:48 Changeset [3388] by armon
Repy v2 VirtualNamespace stuff.
17:47 Changeset [3387] by armon
Added two new exceptions.
17:47 FutureRepyExceptions edited by armon
Added a new exception (diff)
17:46 Changeset [3386] by armon
Imported exception hierarchy
17:39 RepyV2API edited by armon
More updates for createthread. (diff)
17:39 RepyV2API edited by armon
Updated docstring for createthread. (diff)
17:36 Changeset [3385] by armon
Repy V2 sleep and createthread.
17:18 Changeset [3384] by armon
Repy v2 randombytes, getruntime, exitall, createlock, and getthreadname.
17:18 RepyV2API edited by armon
Updated some docstrings. (diff)
17:17 Changeset [3383] by armon
Minor comment revisions
16:52 RepyV2API edited by armon
Updated docstring for file.close() file.readat() file.writeat() and … (diff)
16:49 RepyV2API edited by armon
Updated open() docstring (diff)
16:46 Changeset [3382] by armon
Changed all generic nanny exceptions to be from the hierarchy. Added some …
16:45 Changeset [3381] by armon
Added new exception, renamed internal error.
16:45 FutureRepyExceptions edited by armon
Renamed the internal error, and added ResourceForbiddenError? for the … (diff)
16:44 Changeset [3380] by armon
Implemented readat and writeat. Added a seek_lock to each file object to …
16:06 MeetingNotes/2010/01/11 created by jsamuel
16:06 Changeset [3379] by cemeyer
#825: Add some unit tests; fix HTTP/1.1 Connection: close behavior in …
15:59 MeetingNotes/2010/01/05 created by jsamuel
15:58 MeetingNotes/2009/12/21 created by jsamuel
15:56 MeetingNotes/2009/12/07 created by jsamuel
15:54 MeetingNotes/2009/11/30 created by jsamuel
15:53 MeetingNotes/2009/11/23 created by jsamuel
15:49 MeetingNotes/2009/11/09 created by jsamuel
15:45 Ticket #825 (Add httpserver unit tests) created by cemeyer
httpserver.repy needs unit tests.
15:30 Ticket #824 (Need way to obtain node version info using experimentlib) closed by jsamuel
fixed: This is added in r3378.
15:30 Ticket #824 (Need way to obtain node version info using experimentlib) created by jsamuel
Jeff needs a way to get node version info using the experimentlib. The …
15:28 Ticket #823 (experimentlib start_vessel() args_list problem) closed by jsamuel
fixed: This is fixed in r3378.
15:27 Ticket #823 (experimentlib start_vessel() args_list problem) created by jsamuel
Evan reported a problem with start_vessel() where each call would result …
15:23 Changeset [3378] by jsamuel
Fix bug in experimentlib.start_vessel() and added node version info to …
14:41 Ticket #822 (httpserver has numerous bugs) closed by cemeyer
fixed: Fixed in r3377.
14:41 Changeset [3377] by cemeyer
#822: Fix numerous httpserver bugs.
14:40 Ticket #822 (httpserver has numerous bugs) created by cemeyer
Bugs: - HTTP/1.1 responses don't always send a Content-Length header - …


23:59 Changeset [3376] by cemeyer
httpserver: rewrite of registerhttpcallback.repy. Normal HTTP/1.0 requests …


15:10 Changeset [3375] by meagher
Replaced existing allpairsping.repy with working version in demokit from …


19:53 Changeset [3374] by cemeyer
httpretrieve: Fix r3368, which reverted to the wrong version of …
17:02 Ticket #821 (Seattle demo map application) created by evan
Currently integrating all-pairs-ping data into existing Seattle + Google …
15:48 Changeset [3373] by jsamuel
Added geoip_client.repy and priority_queue.repy to initial/


21:54 Ticket #807 (RegisterHttpCallback sock issue) closed by yemuru
fixed: I have fixed this issue, commit can be found at #r3364.
21:52 Ticket #810 (fix for the uses of socket in registerhttpcallback) closed by yemuru
fixed: I have resolved this issue commit for new change can be found on commit …
20:58 Changeset [3372] by armon
Made RepyArgumentError? derive from RepyException?.
19:52 Changeset [3371] by armon
Mostly done with the repy V2 emulfile. Need to implement readat and …
19:51 Changeset [3370] by armon
Added a single file to contain the new repy exception hierarchy
19:39 FutureRepyExceptions edited by armon
Added new exceptions (diff)
16:34 Changeset [3369] by armon
Added directory for V2 repy tests.
14:48 Ticket #820 (Bug in current advertiseserver) created by monzum
There is a but in the current advertiseserver that occurs rarely. While I …
12:56 FutureRepyExceptions edited by cemeyer
Move hierarchy under common exception class. (diff)
11:55 Ticket #819 (r3634 broke the nodemanager and other things) closed by cemeyer
fixed: The httpretrieve in r3368 is identical to mine after r3337, and …
11:50 RepyV2API edited by jsamuel
added getlasterror() (diff)
11:43 RepyV2API edited by jsamuel
removed circularlog() (diff)
11:42 RepyV2API edited by jsamuel
10:29 Changeset [3368] by yemuru
Accident commit for change set r3364. Re committing older version …
09:02 Changeset [3367] by yemuru
accidentally removed library. http_hierarchy_error.repy isnt only used in …
08:19 Ticket #819 (r3634 broke the nodemanager and other things) created by jsamuel
Please immediately fix the breakage caused by r3364. You can either: 1. …


23:11 Changeset [3366] by yemuru
Updated test.
23:10 Changeset [3365] by yemuru
update tests
23:09 Changeset [3364] by yemuru
New version of registerhttpcallback.repy. supports different type of …
18:46 Changeset [3363] by armon
Fixed double counting of time consumption by threads in Island stats. …
18:44 Changeset [3362] by armon
Fixed an indexing bug in the stoptime logger, and handle the corner case …
18:43 Island edited by armon
Corrected notes about Island WRT stopping during an API call (diff)
18:40 Island edited by armon
Added Examples (diff)
15:37 Changeset [3361] by kimbrl
Addressed issues in #811 including error passing, advertising / lookups, …
15:09 Changeset [3360] by jsamuel
Updated the namespace layer for the new repy api. Currently most functions …
14:46 Ticket #818 (DOR advertise_lookup causes exception) created by kimbrl
When doing a lookup that should return no results using advertise_lookup() …


21:35 Island created by armon
First pass at introducing all the Island components
19:32 Changeset [3359] by armon
Created minimal repy v2 branch. Contains repy, NM, seattlelib, …
13:52 RepyV2API edited by justinc
10:35 Ticket #817 (Need emergency stop...) created by justinc
There should be a way to stop all running code on a set of nodes and …


22:15 Changeset [3358] by imcheng
changed exception handling for for nokia
21:12 Changeset [3357] by imcheng
Rewrote some of the codes for Nokia N800 in seattle[un]
15:58 MeetingNotes/2009/11/02 created by jsamuel
15:56 MeetingNotes/2009/10/26 created by jsamuel
15:53 MeetingNotes/2009/10/19 created by jsamuel
15:52 MeetingNotes/2009/10/05 created by jsamuel
15:51 MeetingNotes/2009/09/28 created by jsamuel
15:49 MeetingNotes/2009/09/21 created by jsamuel
15:48 MeetingNotes/2009/09/17 created by jsamuel
15:14 Changeset [3356] by cemeyer
#816: Fix up the httpretrieve unit tests.
14:34 Ticket #816 (Fix use of httpretrieve in httpretrieve unit tests.) created by cemeyer
Please fix the httpretrieve unit tests to use the new version of …
14:33 Ticket #815 (Update DORadvertise to new httpretrieve interface) closed by cemeyer
fixed: Fixed in r3355.
14:28 Changeset [3355] by cemeyer
#815: Update DORadvertise.repy to new httpretrieve.
14:27 Changeset [3354] by cemeyer
httpretrieve: Fix defaulting to port 80 for httpretrieve.
14:17 Ticket #815 (Update DORadvertise to new httpretrieve interface) created by cemeyer
The seattlelib/httpretrieve.repy interface changed; please update …
14:15 Changeset [3353] by cemeyer
#801: xmlrpc_client: Update to new httpretrieve interface.
14:14 Changeset [3352] by cemeyer
httpretrieve: Fix argument passing order.
14:06 Changeset [3351] by cemeyer
httpretrieve: Handle the server disconnecting sockets on us.
14:00 Changeset [3350] by cemeyer
httpretrieve: port needs to be converted to string.
12:22 Changeset [3349] by cemeyer
httpretrieve: Fix some remaining bugs.
11:42 Changeset [3348] by cemeyer
httpretrieve: More extensive changes, reorg in httpretrieve.
10:46 Changeset [3347] by imcheng
Changed some of the comments on seattle[un]
10:39 Changeset [3346] by imcheng
Removed the shell scripts for the installer for Nokia. Integrated the …
10:36 Ticket #814 (repyhelper fails to import files from the current directory...) closed by justinc
fixed: Fixed in r3345.
10:36 Changeset [3345] by justinc
Fix for #814.
10:35 SeattleOnNokia edited by imcheng
10:34 Ticket #814 (repyhelper fails to import files from the current directory...) created by justinc
When importing a file in the current directory, repyhelper now has an …
10:32 SeattleOnNokia edited by imcheng
09:56 SeattleOnNokia edited by imcheng
09:55 SeattleOnNokia edited by imcheng
09:52 SeattleOnNokia edited by imcheng
09:51 SeattleOnNokia edited by imcheng
09:44 SeattleOnNokia edited by imcheng
09:38 SeattleOnNokia edited by imcheng
07:49 Ticket #813 (Nat Forwarding Service Deployment / logging) created by kimbrl
Use the experiment manager library to write a deployment program for the …
07:46 Ticket #812 (Integrate and test Nat Forwarding Service with Nodemanager) created by kimbrl
Integreate and test the Nat Forwarding Service with the node manager. …
07:43 Ticket #811 (complete Nat Forwarding Service functionality) created by kimbrl
We need to replace the production version of Nat Forwarding with an …
07:30 Changeset [3344] by kimbrl
Added new project to svn for the shim based NatForwardingService?. After …
07:25 Ticket #581 (Integrate NATLayer with nodemanager) closed by kimbrl
fixed: This is an old ticket conerning integration with the first generation of …


20:18 Changeset [3343] by armon
Checking in work on CADET / Island. virt_island implements the Island …
20:14 Changeset [3342] by armon
Stepping out changes to from r3341. r3341 should only be …
20:12 Changeset [3341] by armon
Added IPC for repy on *NIX systems. We now transmit diskused and stop time …
20:11 Changeset [3340] by armon
Windows API bug fix.
19:34 Changeset [3339] by armon
Updated dylink to provide better error message. Dylink deprecates 'exit' …
19:22 SeattleOnNokia edited by imcheng
18:22 SeattleOnNokia edited by imcheng
18:18 SeattleOnNokia edited by imcheng
18:14 SeattleOnNokia edited by imcheng
18:06 SeattleOnNokia edited by imcheng
18:03 SeattleOnNokia edited by imcheng
18:01 SeattleOnNokia edited by imcheng
17:59 Changeset [3338] by imcheng
Changed timing constants for unit tests on the Nokia N800.
17:42 SeattleOnNokia edited by imcheng
17:03 Ticket #748 (document using seattlegeni xmlrpc to request specific vessels) closed by jsamuel
fixed: SeattleGeniAPI has been updated.
17:00 SeattleGeniApi edited by jsamuel
16:52 SeattleOnNokia edited by imcheng
16:27 SeattleOnNokia edited by imcheng
02:27 SeattleOnNokia edited by imcheng
01:13 SeattleOnNokia created by imcheng


11:57 Ticket #810 (fix for the uses of socket in registerhttpcallback) created by hys235
Now: registerhttpcallback.repy does not check whether the webpage contents …
04:01 Changeset [3337] by cemeyer
httpretrieve: Clean up exceptions.


17:12 Ticket #809 (Support for "//" type urls in registerhttpcallback) closed by sjs25
15:22 Changeset [3336] by meagher
geoip_init_client() now uses "" as the …
13:03 Ticket #809 (Support for "//" type urls in registerhttpcallback) created by sjs25
When I make a request for a url of  http://<myip>:12345//metainfo, it …


18:21 Changeset [3335] by cemeyer
httpretrieve: Improve readability of docstrings, comments; approach code …


19:33 NatNodes edited by evan
Minor capitalization and wording fixes. (diff)
18:06 NatNodes edited by kimbrl
removed "Under Construction Tag" (diff)
18:05 NatNodes edited by kimbrl
Added Diagram (diff)
18:03 NatNodes.jpg attached to NatNodes by kimbrl
Diagram showing Nat Forwarding
17:35 NatNodes edited by kimbrl
filled in remaining sections, still have to add diagram (diff)
15:50 NatNodes created by kimbrl
Added beggining of NatNode? wiki page. Need to add diagram and complete …
10:12 Ticket #512 (Modify repyhelper to flatten everything into one name space) closed by justinc
invalid: I think this will go away with the Virtual Namespace changes. The …


22:38 Changeset [3334] by justinc
Disabled detailed logging for the advertiseserver
18:44 Ticket #438 (pushsoftwareupdate integration test deployment) closed by justinc
18:42 Changeset [3333] by justinc
This is the feature addition requested in #772.
18:38 Ticket #808 (repy fails to terminate) created by justinc
on, the program print 'hi' doesn't exit. …
18:37 Ticket #646 (repy allows catching exceptions that, if caught, could prevent process ...) closed by jsamuel
wontfix: The namespace layer doesn't yet do anything special with SystemExit. The …
18:07 Ticket #411 (Make remote server robust) closed by jsamuel
invalid: Installer creator is being rewritten by jchen (#312).
17:59 Ticket #236 (Reduce resource use by timers...) closed by justinc
wontfix: This is a library level decision to be made in V2.0.
17:47 Ticket #784 (create experiment library for scripting interaction with ...) closed by jsamuel
fixed: Done with the basic implementation and wiki page. There is still stuff to …
16:21 Ticket #807 (RegisterHttpCallback sock issue) reopened by jsamuel
I don't think this is fixed. How were you able to fix it without knowing …
15:51 Ticket #807 (RegisterHttpCallback sock issue) closed by yemuru
fixed: Fixed new update available in seattle lib trunk.
15:50 Changeset [3332] by yemuru
Updated httpretrieve.repy and registerhttpcallback.repy
15:49 Changeset [3331] by yemuru
Update test
15:48 Changeset [3330] by yemuru
Update test
14:32 Ticket #799 (repyhelper translate errors) closed by cemeyer
fixed: I'm going to close it now, reopen this if it's still broken (I have some …
14:29 Changeset [3329] by cemeyer
#799: In repyhelper, create the path we want to use before trying to use …
01:25 Changeset [3328] by imcheng
Updated Nokia startup wrapper script
01:24 Changeset [3327] by imcheng
Updated installer for Nokia N800 support (startup)


13:20 Ticket #807 (RegisterHttpCallback sock issue) created by sjs25
In the following code (around line 532), sometimes all of the data that …
10:38 Changeset [3326] by jsamuel
Increase the number of events the advertiseserver can use.
10:17 Ticket #806 (add to the experiment library the functions discussed with Monzur) created by jsamuel
The experimentlibrary has various functions that allow you to interact …
10:06 Ticket #805 (advertise server flakiness: timeouts, failures, or outages) created by jsamuel
The advertise server has been flaky since mid-December. This corresponds …


16:41 Ticket #804 (Modify to get the pids for seattle processes running under a ...) created by zackrb
Right now looks under the user's CURRENT_USER registry key. …


14:35 Ticket #724 (user allowed to run before without complaint) closed by zackrb
fixed: A new boolean value has been added to nodeman.cfg ('seattle_installed'). …
14:35 Changeset [3325] by zackrb
Added a value to trunk/dist/nodeman.cfg so the start_seattle script can …
11:44 Ticket #659 (Make the output produced by the stop_seattle and uninstall scripts more ...) closed by zackrb
fixed: Fixed in r3324
11:44 Changeset [3324] by zackrb
Changed the linux and mac script to confirm that …


07:48 Changeset [3323] by jsamuel
In continuousbuild's failures rss feed, fix a) incorrect dates, and b) …


20:47 RepyV2API edited by cemeyer
Fixed openconnection() to only raise PortInUseException? if … (diff)
13:10 Changeset [3322] by zackrb
Changed the functionality of the stop_seattle script in the following way: …
11:04 Ticket #796 (posted data and query should include a separate dictionary for ...) closed by yemuru
11:03 Ticket #803 (Faulty stopcomm statement in registerhttpcallback) closed by yemuru
11:02 Changeset [3321] by yemuru
Removed a bug on line 150.


14:08 Ticket #803 (Faulty stopcomm statement in registerhttpcallback) created by sjs25
When I wasn't putting in a correct ip (I was using an IP of "+ ip +"), the …
13:07 RepyV2API edited by justinc


18:22 RepyV2API edited by justinc
18:14 RepyV2API edited by justinc
17:42 Changeset [3320] by meagher
Initial checkin of GeoIP XML-RPC client library. Allows location info …


13:53 RepyV2API edited by justinc


15:54 Changeset [3319] by armon
Fixes for darwin_api using getresources on 64 bit.
15:54 Changeset [3318] by armon
Adding generic priority queue implementation.
13:25 FutureRepyExceptions/LockDoubleReleaseError created by cemeyer
13:25 FutureRepyExceptions/FileInUseError created by cemeyer
13:24 FutureRepyExceptions/SeekPastEndOfFileError created by cemeyer
13:21 FutureRepyExceptions/FileError created by cemeyer
13:21 FutureRepyExceptions/SocketWouldBlockError created by cemeyer
12:20 FutureRepyExceptions edited by cemeyer
Add some more exceptions as needed for the FutureRepyAPI (diff)
12:19 RepyV2API edited by cemeyer
s/FileAlreadyOpenError/FileInUseError/ (diff)
12:15 RepyV2API edited by cemeyer
Add some new exceptions for XXXExceptions (diff)


22:21 RepyV2API edited by justinc
22:17 RepyV2API edited by justinc
22:11 RepyV2API edited by justinc
22:04 RepyV2API edited by justinc
21:56 FutureRepyExceptions/FileNotFoundError created by cemeyer
21:55 FutureRepyExceptions/TimeoutError edited by cemeyer
21:53 FutureRepyExceptions/TimeoutError created by cemeyer
21:52 FutureRepyExceptions/CodeUnsafeError created by cemeyer
21:37 RepyV2API edited by justinc
21:33 RepyV2API edited by justinc
21:32 FutureRepyExceptions/PortRestrictedError created by cemeyer
21:29 FutureRepyExceptions/RestrictionError created by cemeyer
21:12 FutureRepyExceptions/SocketClosedRemote created by cemeyer
21:11 FutureRepyExceptions/SocketClosedLocal created by cemeyer
11:50 Changeset [3317] by yemuru
added a new test for the new version of registerhttpcallback and …
11:48 Changeset [3316] by yemuru
11:48 Changeset [3315] by yemuru
Added a new version of httpretrieve.repy and registerhttpcallback.repy …
11:46 Changeset [3314] by yemuru
Updated tests to work with a newer version of httpretrieve and …
11:43 Changeset [3313] by yemuru
Updated tests to work with the new version of httpretrieve and …


10:51 FutureRepyExceptions/LocalIPChanged edited by cemeyer
10:51 FutureRepyExceptions edited by cemeyer
10:49 FutureRepyExceptions/LocalIPChanged created by cemeyer
10:47 FutureRepyExceptions/ConnectionRefusedError created by cemeyer
10:24 FutureRepyExceptions/PortInUseError edited by cemeyer
10:23 FutureRepyExceptions/AddressBindingError created by cemeyer
10:20 FutureRepyExceptions edited by cemeyer
10:20 FutureRepyExceptions/InternetConnectivityError created by cemeyer
10:15 FutureRepyExceptions/PortInUseError created by cemeyer
10:11 FutureRepyExceptions/NetworkError created by cemeyer
10:11 RepyV2API edited by jsamuel
Changed "VirtualNamespace" to "createvirtualnamespace" (diff)
10:06 RepyV2API edited by cemeyer
Add link to FutureRepyExceptionHierarchy?. (diff)
09:54 FutureRepyExceptions created by cemeyer
Commit skeleton of new exception hierarchy
09:19 Ticket #802 (Fix urllib_unquote_parameters to use unquote_plus) closed by cemeyer
fixed: Fixed in r3312.
09:18 Changeset [3312] by cemeyer
#802: Fixed urllib_unquote_parameters to use urllib_unquote_plus.
09:18 Ticket #802 (Fix urllib_unquote_parameters to use unquote_plus) created by cemeyer
Please modify seattlelib/urllib.repy's urllib_unquote_parameters() to use …


19:34 Changeset [3311] by imcheng
Changed timeouts for running on Nokia.
18:36 ContainmentInSeattle edited by cosminb
09:12 Changeset [3310] by jsamuel
Update and with recently added files.
09:08 Changeset [3309] by jsamuel
Update and with new name for …


14:27 ContainmentInSeattle edited by cosminb
14:27 ContainmentInSeattle edited by cosminb
13:31 ContainmentInSeattle edited by cosminb
13:29 ContainmentInSeattle edited by cosminb
12:43 ContainmentInSeattle edited by cosminb
12:25 ContainmentInSeattle edited by cosminb
12:24 ContainmentInSeattle edited by cosminb
12:09 ContainmentInSeattle edited by cosminb
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