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and .


23:08 Changeset [1076] by sean
fixed the table typo
20:58 Changeset [1075] by armon
Tuned client output a bit. Updated NATLayer to use locks to achieve socket …
20:38 Changeset [1074] by sal
adjusted script to use seattle
20:19 Changeset [1073] by armon
Updated client to print more useful messages, including speed for …
20:16 Changeset [1072] by armon
Made the forwarder more robust. Its main loop will restart on failure, and …
19:41 Changeset [1071] by ivan
stub docstrings added to every class/function.
19:29 WikiStart edited by ivan
19:17 CustomInstallerBuilder edited by ivan
19:16 CustomInstallerBuilder edited by ivan
19:15 customized_installer_builder.jpg attached to CustomInstallerBuilder by ivan
Customized installer builder screenshot with explanations
19:03 Changeset [1070] by richard
buggy 3-way handshake: tests will usually pass. window issues, threading, …
18:48 Changeset [1069] by armon
Updated NATLayer. Added better error handling, added NATSocket to be more …
17:41 CustomInstallerBuilder edited by ivan
17:39 CustomInstallerBuilder edited by ivan
17:36 CustomInstallerBuilder edited by ivan
17:33 Changeset [1068] by sean
added getdonations page
17:26 CustomInstallerBuilder created by ivan
17:19 ContributorsPage edited by ivan
16:05 Changeset [1067] by ivan
modified to call updated (carter's) script istead of …
15:48 Changeset [1066] by ivan
more cmd line changes
15:45 Changeset [1065] by ivan
added more command line opts to process zip and tar files differently
14:29 Changeset [1064] by sal
added unit test for deployment script
13:44 Archive/LipstickOnAPig edited by asekine
13:38 Archive/LipstickOnAPig edited by asekine
13:28 Archive/LipstickOnAPig edited by asekine
13:25 Archive/LipstickOnAPig edited by asekine
13:24 Archive/LipstickOnAPig edited by asekine
12:07 Archive/LipstickOnAPig edited by asekine
11:56 Archive/Indoctrination edited by alpers
11:35 Archive/LipstickOnAPig edited by asekine


20:08 Changeset [1063] by armon
Added read and write locks to the NATConnection to make it thread safe.
19:28 Changeset [1062] by armon
Updated Windows API to not quote or make absolute scripts in …
17:28 Changeset [1061] by armon
Removed resouce directory, due to misspelling
11:27 Changeset [1060] by justinc
Corrected a spelling error
10:18 Changeset [1059] by armon
Updated Windows resource accounting, socket count is now accurate, and we …


19:29 Changeset [1058] by mitchellh
Fixed failing tests, forgot to apply restrictions file to regular unit …
18:49 Changeset [1057] by sean
fixed a bug when hit share or get after changed percent; improve change …
18:11 Changeset [1056] by sean
lightbox effect for get and share resources, delete block while deleting …
17:42 Changeset [1055] by butaud
Stopped the installer builder from removing some of the unit tests
17:40 Changeset [1054] by asekine
-Migrated controller to proper directory. -Added locks to protect the …
17:15 ProgrammersPage edited by ivan
17:15 ProgrammersPage edited by ivan
17:14 ProgrammersPage edited by ivan
17:05 SeattleTalks edited by ivan
17:04 Local/RepoAccess edited by ivan
16:32 BaseInstallers edited by butaud
Updated to include windows mobile info (diff)
16:30 BaseInstallers edited by butaud
Noted that installer builder should be run on Linux (diff)
11:47 Changeset [1053] by kimbrl
Changed all methods to throw an exception if an error occurs, addes …
01:54 Changeset [1052] by sal
Created some unit tests file for assignment uploading script


19:05 Changeset [1046] by mitchellh
Reads in log file for mobile tests. Unit tests are running.
17:59 Changeset [1045] by butaud
Minor changes to mac benchmarking
17:59 Changeset [1044] by sal
added check for file existence
17:13 Changeset [1043] by armon
New repy constants and run_tests
17:05 Changeset [1042] by butaud
Added socket checking for mac benchmarking
16:50 Changeset [1041] by anthony
Cleaned up
16:37 Changeset [1040] by armon
Removed print statement from Win_CPU_Nanny
16:17 Changeset [1039] by mitchellh
Oddball tests are windows mobile compatible
16:12 Local/RepoAccess edited by ivan
16:01 Changeset [1038] by armon
Fixing run_tests for WinCE
15:14 Changeset [1035] by armon
Added waitForProcess to Windows API.
14:48 Changeset [1034] by armon
Added sitecustomize for WinCE
14:39 Changeset [1033] by butaud
Removed extra file from repository
13:26 Changeset [1032] by butaud
Fixed how installer finds startup folder
13:05 Changeset [1031] by butaud
Fixed df use
13:02 Changeset [1030] by butaud
Tried one fix


17:03 Changeset [1028] by armon
Minor tweak to WinCE resource reporting, for memory.
15:43 Changeset [1027] by armon
Re-introduced the win_cpu_nanny for use on WinCE. Updated it to use …
15:41 Changeset [1026] by armon
Increased Mobile CPU sample rate
14:53 Changeset [1025] by armon
Removed unnecessary import from Windows API.
14:52 Changeset [1024] by armon
Moved win_check_cpu_use out of a specific thread, and into nonportable …
14:19 Changeset [1023] by anthony
Anthony, update milestones.txt
14:15 Changeset [1022] by anthony
Anthony, added linux resource script
13:18 EducationalAssignments/SlidingWindow edited by ivan
12:15 EducationalAssignments/StopAndWait edited by ivan
12:07 EducationalAssignments/SlidingWindow edited by ivan
10:26 EducationalAssignments/SlidingWindow edited by richard
small formatting change to notes (diff)
10:17 EducationalAssignments/SlidingWindow edited by richard
moving around specs (diff)
10:14 EducationalAssignments/SlidingWindow edited by richard
adding notes (diff)
10:05 EducationalAssignments/SlidingWindow edited by richard
extra credit ideas? (diff)
09:49 EducationalAssignments/SlidingWindow edited by richard
adding extension details (diff)
09:23 EducationalAssignments/SlidingWindow edited by richard
adding specs (diff)
08:53 EducationalAssignments/StopAndWait edited by richard
fixed misnamed server/client (diff)
08:50 EducationalAssignments/StopAndWait edited by richard
rename link to restrictions page (diff)
08:48 EducationalAssignments/StopAndWait edited by richard
adding more formating like ivan and a local execution example (diff)


23:19 Changeset [1019] by Alper Sarikaya
(eye candy) added sprint completion info
22:52 Changeset [1018] by sean
added floating dialog to mygeni design and changed milestone
22:15 EducationalAssignments/StopAndWait edited by ivan
22:15 EducationalAssignments/StopAndWait edited by ivan
22:10 EducationalAssignments/SlidingWindow edited by ivan
22:09 EducationalAssignments/SlidingWindow edited by ivan
22:04 EducatorsPage edited by ivan
21:46 Changeset [1017] by armon
Identified a location where occasionally a ZeroDivisionError? would occur …
21:45 Changeset [1016] by armon
Minor bug fixes for WinCE in the Windows API. Also, now we check if the …
19:22 EducatorsPage edited by richard
minor fix to sliding window formatting (diff)
19:20 EducationalAssignments/SlidingWindow created by richard
working off the stop and wait text
19:17 EducatorsPage edited by richard
Adding sliding window link (diff)
19:12 EducationalAssignments/StopAndWait edited by richard
adding another note about killing rouge python threads (diff)
19:01 Changeset [1015] by butaud
Updated milestones for measure twice and micro machines
18:59 Changeset [1014] by butaud
Added mac/bsd benchmarking script
18:53 EducationalAssignments/StopAndWait edited by richard
finished organizing into sections (diff)
18:05 Changeset [1013] by butaud
Added windows mobile installer to the build process
16:56 EducationalAssignments/StopAndWait edited by richard
section on Reliable api (diff)
16:32 EducationalAssignments/StopAndWait edited by richard
separating the implementation into pieces… (diff)
15:58 EducationalAssignments/StopAndWait edited by richard
edited intro (diff)
12:56 EducationalAssignments/StopAndWait edited by ivan


18:44 Changeset [998] by ivan
more commenting and explanation of url mappings in geni.
18:37 Changeset [997] by ivan
commenting and beutification of code per cosmin comments, etc.
16:10 Changeset [995] by richard
moving sliding window to repy/apps/tcp
15:45 Changeset [993] by Alper Sarikaya
(lisping) changed file extensions, started primary skeleton, started unit …
15:28 Changeset [992] by mitchellh
Changed Repy unit tests to use windowsAPI on MobileCE instead of …
12:27 Changeset [990] by ivan
finalized and debugged template inheritance structure
12:09 Changeset [989] by ivan
initial integration of Sean's templates with geni using template …
11:59 Ticket #66 (Add icons to GENI) created by alpers
Quick note to add icons to new GENI interface. (i'll put a link up here …
11:53 Archive/Lisping edited by alpers
10:23 Changeset [985] by sean
actually adde register.html
10:22 Changeset [984] by sean
added register.html and slightly modified style.css and login.html


19:44 Changeset [983] by armon
Removed print statement in Windows API. Added resource dir, and a resource …
18:49 ContributorsPage edited by ivan
13:43 Changeset [982] by butaud
Made more portable
13:42 Changeset [981] by butaud
Minor improvements in
13:13 Local/VersionDeployment created by butaud
Created the page
13:00 BaseInstallers created by butaud
Created the page
12:48 Changeset [980] by ivan
updated with better error checking and re matching instead of relying on …
12:45 ContributorsPage edited by butaud
Added deployment links (diff)
12:37 Changeset [979] by butaud
Changed os.popen to subprocess.Popen
01:58 Changeset [978] by sal
integrated parallelizing into the program, added program arguments …
00:12 Changeset [977] by sal
some more comments added


21:39 Changeset [976] by Alper Sarikaya
implemented parallelization of acquiring machines..
18:35 Changeset [975] by armon
Updated nonportable. External CPU monitor process will now check if wife …
16:44 Changeset [974] by kimbrl
Added thread safety to, this needs further testing to ensure …
16:00 Changeset [973] by kimbrl
Added and dependencies. This program contains methods …
13:48 Archive/LipstickOnAPig edited by asekine
13:47 Archive/LipstickOnAPig edited by asekine
00:04 Changeset [972] by asekine
Added translate_and_import public interface, which simplifies importing …


21:34 Changeset [971] by sal
some changes to conform style and recommendations
19:06 Archive/TopSecret edited by ivan
11:36 Changeset [970] by armon
Removed code in Mac/Linux Resource nanny that would kill the process due …
11:35 Changeset [969] by armon
Increased frequency of stopfilewatcher, this seems to improve the …
09:52 Archive/InfectionAndRecurrence edited by cosminb
02:11 Changeset [968] by sean
changed the softwareupdater to use servicelogger


21:59 Changeset [967] by couvb
Completed the circular logging for the node manager
21:22 Changeset [966] by justinc
Changes that will allow the persisted file to be in a different directory.
18:31 Changeset [965] by couvb
Updated nminit and nodeman.cfg to create a service_vessel entry
18:15 Changeset [964] by couvb
Added a servicelogging interface, and integrated it with the node manager.
17:29 Changeset [963] by sean
make softwareupdater use circular_logger
16:57 Changeset [962] by sean
changed the title to login
16:51 Changeset [961] by sean
added a login page
16:46 Changeset [960] by ivan
integrationyy--This line, and those below, will be ignored-- M …
16:29 Changeset [959] by armon
Improved NATLayer error handling, throws and exception instead of silently …
16:26 Changeset [958] by ivan
integration with correct media file
16:26 Changeset [957] by ivan
more integration
16:25 Changeset [956] by ivan
more integration
16:10 Archive/MeasureTwiceCutOnce edited by armon
16:08 Changeset [955] by armon
Moved Linux/BSD/Mac Memory and Disk checking into the repy process. Added …
15:04 Changeset [953] by sean
deleted test code for mygeni
14:58 Changeset [952] by sean
added get resources in my_vessels page
14:58 Changeset [951] by ivan
14:58 Changeset [950] by ivan
profile and view
14:22 Changeset [948] by sean
added files to the geni template directory and media
14:13 Changeset [947] by armon
Added separate frequencies for CPU and other resources
14:09 Changeset [946] by armon
Added NAT traversal forwarder. NATLayer contains the repy library that …


13:46 Archive/TopSecret edited by ivan
13:41 Archive/EyeCandy edited by ivan
13:36 Archive/TopSecret edited by ivan
13:14 Archive/TopSecret edited by ivan
08:28 Changeset [939] by sean
Added basic funtionalities to most geni pages


22:56 Changeset [938] by ivan
silly mistakes in production code = bad. fixed problem with broken …
22:35 Archive/LipstickOnAPig edited by ivan
22:08 Archive/LipstickOnAPig edited by ivan
17:58 Changeset [937] by couvb
Updated the node manager to make use of circular logging in the service …
15:31 Archive/EyeCandy edited by alpers


07:27 Changeset [935] by ivan
removed file dependency in control/models
01:16 Changeset [933] by Alper Sarikaya
committed updated changes, not tested


23:32 Archive/TopSecret edited by ivan
23:24 Archive/TopSecret edited by ivan
19:31 Ticket #65 (Get everyone to test the Windows executable) closed by butaud
19:21 Ticket #65 (Get everyone to test the Windows executable) created by butaud
Send them the link so that they can make sure it works for them.
19:20 Changeset [932] by butaud
Change to Linux installer
18:40 Changeset [931] by butaud
Redirected standard in in Linux seattle starter script
18:22 Changeset [930] by sal
Added comments
18:01 Changeset [929] by sal
some restructuring
18:01 Ticket #64 (Make a better looking Windows installer) created by butaud
We should be able to leverage the NSIS installer builder to make a better …
17:57 Ticket #63 (Get the Windows executable installer working) created by butaud
Mainly, we need to set up the server so that it will build the NSIS …
17:52 Ticket #62 (Make Windows installer portable to Windows Mobile) created by butaud
Three things that need to be done: 1. Write the install directory to …
17:47 Archive/MicroMachines edited by butaud
Added milestone info (diff)
17:45 Changeset [928] by couvb
added to list of files we don't check hashes on
17:43 Ticket #59 (Clean up installer builder output) closed by butaud
fixed: The things that are left to do here are more relevant to #60.
17:40 Changeset [927] by butaud
Improved output for the whole base installer builder process
17:35 Changeset [926] by couvb
Updated verifyfiles.mix to take another argument that tells it where to …
17:30 Changeset [925] by cosminb
fixed issue where updater data was being used instead of nodemanager data …
17:26 Changeset [924] by sal
added exiting right away if scp fails
17:20 SeattleResources edited by ivan
17:19 Archive/InfectionAndRecurrence edited by butaud
Added brief overveiw (diff)
17:16 Changeset [923] by butaud
Reverted to fix indentation errors
17:06 Changeset [922] by butaud
Made produce better output
16:58 Changeset [921] by butaud
Added milestone for first micro machines sprint
16:56 Archive/InfectionAndRecurrence edited by butaud
16:22 Changeset [920] by ivan
line to see if expire vessels still functions
16:03 Changeset [919] by sean
added geni designs
15:41 Archive/InfectionAndRecurrence edited by couvb
15:31 Archive/MicroMachines edited by mitchellh
15:30 Archive/LipstickOnAPig edited by mitchellh
15:29 Archive/LipstickOnAPig edited by mitchellh
15:29 Archive/LipstickOnAPig edited by mitchellh
14:51 attached to Archive/MeasureTwiceCutOnce by armon
Benchmark memory allocation speed (Linux/Mac(?))
13:56 Changeset [918] by sal
using temporary files from separate processes then combines
13:36 Changeset [917] by kimbrl
added hello.ns, a single node ns file for a hello world example on …
13:29 Changeset [916] by sal
changed to work in parallel
13:24 Archive/LipstickOnAPig edited by asekine
12:43 Changeset [915] by ivan
milestones updated for indoctrination and modified template of upload.html …
12:02 Archive/AutograderCodeSprint edited by alpers


19:56 Changeset [914] by sal
prelimenary script for uploading a file to the server using POST
19:36 Archive/InfectionAndRecurrence edited by justinc
16:58 Changeset [913] by ivan
need init for importing of deployed node state dir and added more …
16:41 Changeset [912] by ivan
removed logging (not used by geni) and slight fix in genidb
15:28 Changeset [911] by ivan
fix to original problem in genidb (subnet computation)
15:23 Changeset [910] by ivan
cleaned up geni portal svn dir -- the node state transition scripts have …
15:20 Changeset [909] by geni
small changes to commit the download/views remap of paths
14:29 Changeset [908] by ivan
node state transition directory and deployment script
14:28 Changeset [907] by ivan
added a notes section in comment block with a notify msg


13:40 Ticket #58 (Suggestions for trac system fields) closed by ivan
fixed: I added all the strike forces as components so you can specify which …


23:51 Ticket #61 (Make sure that only necessary files are included in installer) created by butaud
There seem to be several unnecessary ones (which is what …
23:47 Ticket #60 (Improve the way that the installer builder interacts with created by butaud
Maybe can return a list of unrecognized files that were …
23:42 Ticket #59 (Clean up installer builder output) created by butaud
It's pretty horrible. First of all, needs to be silenced, …
23:40 Archive/StrikeForce edited by butaud
Changed "maintain... up to date" to "keep... up to date". (diff)
23:37 Ticket #58 (Suggestions for trac system fields) created by butaud
I have a couple suggestions for ways that might make the trac tickets …
23:32 Ticket #57 (Make sure that runs when it finishes) created by butaud
It doesn't look like it started when we ran it during the coding sprint.
23:22 Changeset [906] by ivan
updated with a new path and a new onepercent key
22:46 Local/RepoAccess edited by ivan
21:40 Ticket #56 (remove create meta_info pyc file from distribution) created by ivan
pyc files should not be packaged in installers the meta info file should …
21:37 Archive/InfectionAndRecurrence edited by justinc
21:29 Changeset [905] by couvb
Updated verifyfiles to be able to write and take a dictionary instead of a …
21:29 Ticket #55 ( should not package the .svn directory) created by ivan
Discovered during sprint-time :( The built installers should not include …
21:27 Changeset [904] by butaud
Made take the keys as arguments
21:02 Changeset [903] by ivan
preview functionality
20:27 Archive/InfectionAndRecurrence edited by justinc
19:48 Changeset [902] by butaud
Removed old text file
19:42 Changeset [901] by butaud
Imported needed module
19:38 Changeset [900] by justinc
made the script executable
19:10 Archive/InfectionAndRecurrence edited by justinc
19:05 Changeset [899] by justinc
Bug fix for erroneous import. Look at the previous version for …
18:59 Changeset [898] by ivan
added uploads view for instructor to see the uploads made by the students
18:57 Archive/InfectionAndRecurrence edited by justinc
18:50 Archive/InfectionAndRecurrence edited by justinc
18:31 Changeset [897] by ivan
added comments to all autograder www code and added notifications of form …
17:58 Changeset [896] by sal
removed colons from log filenames
17:54 Archive/InfectionAndRecurrence edited by justinc
17:52 Archive/InfectionAndRecurrence edited by justinc
17:51 Archive/InfectionAndRecurrence edited by justinc
17:48 Changeset [895] by sal
changed logging format
17:46 Changeset [894] by sal
deleted broken logs
17:41 Changeset [893] by justinc
Fixed the test so that it is more readable. BUG FIX so it passes even if …
17:06 Changeset [892] by sal
added logging into files functionality
16:17 ContributorsPage edited by butaud
Added link to strike forces page (diff)
16:13 Changeset [891] by butaud
Fixed some typos in
00:00 Milestone Seattle Version 0.1c completed
Description of what this version will include goes here..


18:36 Changeset [890] by armon
External win_cpu_nanny no longer used.
17:07 Ticket #54 (Integrate CPU throttling into Repy as a dedicated thread) closed by armon
fixed: Committed r889.
16:22 Changeset [889] by armon
Updated repy to use CPU nanny thread on Windows. Updated Windows api to …
12:25 Archive/StrikeForce edited by ivan
11:06 Changeset [888] by ivan
www first check in


23:35 Changeset [887] by ivan
fixed parsing of milestones for sprints
21:19 Changeset [886] by sean
views changed to take relative path from settings
20:35 Changeset [885] by ivan
urls file with url prefix factored out to settings
20:24 Changeset [884] by geni
added timeout and modded changeusers
19:59 Changeset [883] by sal
updated milestones.txt
19:57 Changeset [882] by sal
Trying to commit some cleanup
19:54 Changeset [881] by ivan
post commit with daemonize
19:53 Changeset [880] by ivan
daemonize svn's post-commit hook to ease frustrations.
19:01 Changeset [879] by justinc
comment out old sprint
18:47 Changeset [878] by sal
added a couple more cases and some line parsing added to the main script
18:27 Ticket #54 (Integrate CPU throttling into Repy as a dedicated thread) created by armon
18:12 Archive/EyeCandy edited by ivan
18:03 Changeset [877] by Alper Sarikaya
alpers - Progress so far with mapred.. is the existing python …
17:37 Changeset [876] by sal
a couple of test cases
17:13 SeattleResources edited by ivan
17:12 SeattleResources edited by ivan
14:01 Changeset [875] by butaud
Confirmed completion
13:54 Changeset [874] by butaud
Added reinstaller script and improved Linux install and uninstall scripts
13:28 Changeset [873] by ivan
mapreduce dir stub
13:25 Archive/Lisping edited by ivan
13:07 Changeset [871] by mikemosh
Finished the strikeforce assignment to make sure I could access the svn.
10:53 Changeset [870] by couvb
Built a file system state checker that checks to see if the seattle …


23:35 Changeset [869] by anthony
21:12 Local/ContributorContactInfo edited by sal
20:24 Changeset [868] by justinc
added a number for anthony
19:35 Changeset [867] by sean
changed milestone.txt
18:34 Changeset [866] by sal
some basic functionality
18:33 Changeset [865] by sal
sample list of servers
18:29 Changeset [864] by cosminb
added script that examines the node manager and software …
18:03 Changeset [863] by ivan
updated vs.
17:39 Archive/TopSecret edited by ivan
17:28 Archive/Venues edited by ivan
17:28 Archive/Venues edited by ivan
17:06 Changeset [862] by Alper Sarikaya
alpers - confirmed commit power, added test keys for autograder user
16:39 Changeset [861] by sal
Created a foldr for deployment scripts
15:36 Changeset [860] by butaud
Updated milestones.txt
15:00 Changeset [859] by couvb
test milestone
14:43 Changeset [858] by cosminb
completed practice milestone exercise
14:25 Changeset [857] by sean
change logging to circular logging
14:02 Changeset [856] by asekine
milestone update test
13:25 Archive/TopSecret edited by MikeMosh
12:40 Changeset [855] by justinc
corrected cosmin's milestone name for infection and recurrence
12:11 Ticket #53 (create test script to check if node manager and software updater are ...) created by cosminb
create test script to check if node manager and software updater are …
09:33 Changeset [854] by armon
Milestone update
07:57 Changeset [853] by kimbrl
performed mini milestone to test ticket system
01:21 Changeset [852] by dennisd7
tried ticket den
01:02 Changeset [851] by sal
Try ticket system


22:48 Changeset [850] by justinc
initial test milestone and first milestones for many strike forces
20:08 NAT_traversal.jpg attached to Archive/SleightOfHand by jaehong
Overview Diagram
20:07 Archive/SleightOfHand edited by jaehong
19:01 Changeset [849] by ivan
final version
18:47 Changeset [848] by ivan
indoctrination sprint
18:28 Changeset [847] by justinc
Trying to fix up infection and recurrence (initial test)
15:43 Changeset [846] by butaud
Added for Windows
15:38 Changeset [845] by butaud
Turned DEBUG flag off in
15:33 Changeset [844] by ivan
milestones and checked updates
15:32 Archive/ManagingSprints edited by ivan
15:31 Archive/ManagingSprints edited by ivan
15:31 Archive/ManagingSprints created by ivan
15:27 Archive/StrikeForce edited by ivan
15:22 Changeset [843] by ivan
with instructions
14:59 Archive/SleightOfHand edited by jaehong
14:48 Archive/AutograderCodeSprint edited by alpers
14:45 Archive/InfectionAndRecurrence edited by ivan
14:43 Local/RepoAccess edited by ivan
13:24 Archive/Indoctrination edited by ivan
12:43 Archive/AutograderCodeSprint edited by alpers
12:43 Archive/AutograderCodeSprint created by alpers
12:20 Archive/Indoctrination edited by alpers
added link to new auto grading strat page (diff)
11:50 Local/ContributorContactInfo edited by alpers
10:20 Changeset [842] by ivan
added dir for auto grader project
09:28 Archive/SleightOfHand edited by jaehong


22:29 Archive/Indoctrination edited by ivan
22:27 Archive/Indoctrination edited by ivan
22:16 Archive/StrikeForce edited by ivan
20:57 Changeset [841] by ivan
milestones checked init commit
20:46 Changeset [840] by ivan
20:09 Changeset [839] by ivan
20:07 Changeset [838] by ivan
milestones file for auto-cron-alerting
18:53 Archive/Indoctrination edited by ivan
18:52 Archive/EyeCandy edited by ivan
17:07 Archive/SleightOfHand edited by jaehong
17:06 Archive/SleightOfHand edited by jaehong
16:52 Local/RepoAccess edited by ivan
15:08 Local/RepoAccess edited by ivan
12:53 Archive/Venues edited by justinc
09:44 Archive/Venues edited by justinc
09:44 Archive/Venues edited by justinc
01:29 Changeset [837] by asekine
fixed some return values to instead throw exceptions


21:08 Changeset [836] by kimbrl
Add public key for kimbrl
15:14 Ticket #11 (race condition in adding resources) closed by ivan


20:06 Local/ContributorContactInfo edited by ivan
20:06 Local/ContributorContactInfo edited by ivan
20:06 Local/ContributorContactInfo edited by ivan
19:57 Archive/StrikeForce edited by justinc
19:49 WikiStart edited by justinc
19:39 Archive/StrikeForce edited by ivan
19:32 Archive/Lisping edited by ivan
19:32 Archive/EyeCandy edited by ivan
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09:35 RepyTutorial edited by richard
Edited other example.1.X.repy's for consistency. Need to upload files. (diff)
09:11 RepyTutorial edited by richard
Changed example.1.2.repy to work remotely. Need to upload files and edit … (diff)
08:04 RepyTutorial edited by richard
two minor typing errors (diff)


18:11 Contributors edited by justinc
18:08 Ticket #39 (Fix bugs reported by Jake) closed by butaud
fixed: Applied the patch in revision r835.
18:08 Contributors edited by justinc
17:59 Changeset [835] by butaud
Applied patch from Jacob Appelbaum
17:20 Ticket #31 (Get Seattle running on Windows Mobile (CE)) closed by armon
duplicate: I'm closing this because it is a duplicate of the many smaller problems. …
17:19 Ticket #50 (Update NodeManager to run on WinCE) closed by armon
16:27 Archive/StrikeForce edited by justinc


19:29 Changeset [834] by peter
Added tabbed windows, added "total" row to table, changed around coloring, …
17:32 Changeset [833] by justinc
Centralized unit test
14:16 Changeset [832] by justinc
Typo in the usage example
11:19 Ticket #21 (Sending on a connected socket broken?) closed by justinc
worksforme: It appears the browser loading the page issues are related to how strict …


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21:04 Changeset [831] by peter
Combined the two data tables, added colors to tables, changed a couple …
20:55 Changeset [830] by armon
Need to fix the path for win_cpu_nanny on WinCE
20:26 Ticket #49 (Fix Disk used measurement on WinCE) closed by armon
fixed: Disk use accounting correct on CE when using the cwd flag.
19:00 Ticket #52 (Add Registry interface to Windows API) closed by armon
wontfix: Not necessary to add registry interface, instead avoid using functions …
18:58 Changeset [829] by armon
Updated repy/misc to be more robust when calculating disk use through the …
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18:42 SeattleResources created by justinc
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21:06 Changeset [828] by armon
Updated runonce to remove the ConnectRegistry? function, and replaced …
19:52 Changeset [827] by cosminb
minor fix to script. The arguments to the script were not …
19:51 UnitTests edited by cosminb
19:39 Changeset [826] by cosminb
added functionality to allow automatically running the node manager tests …
19:24 UnitTests edited by cosminb
18:44 Changeset [825] by armon
Updated nonportable to better handle checking disk usage. Made …
18:40 Changeset [824] by armon
Updated repy to change the REPY_CURRENT_DIR variable in repy_constants if …
18:37 Changeset [823] by armon
Added new constant/variable REPY_CURRENT_DIR to repy_constants
17:32 Changeset [822] by armon
Wrap import of subprocess in try/catch in nmAPI to prevent crash on WinCE
16:41 Ticket #52 (Add Registry interface to Windows API) created by armon
runonce in the NM uses the registry, and a specific module _winreg which …
12:31 CodingStyle edited by justinc
11:54 Changeset [821] by asekine
added test for circular recursion, and fixed some bugs with repyhelper. …


22:14 Changeset [820] by peter
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