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Improve detection of ARM targets in installer

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Currently, we support two types of ARM-based devices, Nokia N800/900 and Android phones/tablets. Trying to install on another one, a Raspberry Pi single-board computer running Linux (cf.  http://www.raspberrypi.org/faqs ), the Seattle installer thinks it's a Nokia device. Oops! In fact, it runs plain Debian!

albert@raspberrypi:~/seattle$ ./install.sh
Seattle is being installed on a Nokia N800/900 Internet Tablet.
Please run the installer as root. This can be done by installing/using the rootsh or openssh package.
albert@raspberrypi:~/seattle$ su pi
pi@raspberrypi:/home/albert/seattle$ sudo ./install.sh
Seattle is being installed on a Nokia N800/900 Internet Tablet.
System benchmark starting...
Benchmark failed for cpu resource: cpu cores data not found
The above benchmarking error(s) occurred.
If you choose to continue anyways then default values will be used for failed benchmarks.
Continue with installation? (yes/no) no
Installation terminated.
Please email the Seattle project for additional support, and attach the installer_benchmark.log and vesselinfo files, found in the seattle_repy directory, in order to help us diagnose the issue.

For the record, CPU benchmarking fails (per installer_benchmark.log):

New installation, beginning benchmark.
Total resources measured by the script for Linux OS: {'diskused': 2162675712L, 'fileread': 51715, 'filewrite': 51715, 'loopsend': None, 'lograte': None, 'netrecv': None, 'random': 30174, 'insockets': 341, 'filesopened': 341, 'looprecv': None, 'cpu': 'cpu cores data not found', 'memory': 190836000L, 'netsend': None, 'outsockets': 341, 'events': None}
Benchmark failed for cpu resource: cpu cores data not found
Installation terminated by user after one or more failed benchmarks.

The device we have is seen by Python like this:

Version details:
Python version: 2.6.6
Platform machine: armv6l
Platform arch: ('32bit', 'ELF')
Platform release: 3.1.9+
Platform version string: #90 Wed Apr 18 18:23:05 BST 2012

I'll try to sort out ARM device and OS detection, so we can move to new devices with greater ease (think OpenWRT, but also preparing for Win8 which will run on ARM, too).

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It would be nice to better detect this, but really the classification is apt. A Nokia N800, etc. is really just an ARM system that runs linux. So I would think that this is a sane way to classify the Raspberry Pi. (Of course, we should fix this, but the priority is low...)

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This is becoming a problem with the recent RaspberryPi? efforts on Sam Burnett's side: #1307.

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