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Name Size Rev Age Last Change
advertise_test_routine.repy 11.9 KB 4870 8 years sebass63: Added advertise_test_routine to the advertiseserver folder.
advertiseserver.mix 10.6 KB 4617 8 years sebass63: Advertise modification increases receive timeouts by five seconds to 10s … 14.7 KB 4890 8 years sebass63: Added the new python advertise server. This relies on a python version of … 1.2 KB 4374 8 years monzum: Fix to #988. Modified geoip_client.repy and to throw …
restrictions.advertiseserver 2.0 KB 3326 9 years jsamuel: Increase the number of events the advertiseserver can use.
udpadvertiseserver.repy 9.6 KB 4960 8 years sebass63: Uploading UDP Advertise server code file.
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